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Liu Yiwei opened Guo Jingming Chen Kaige, the two directors black faces, the atmosphere at the scene was super tense

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In these new episodes of "Actor please", Liu Yiwei appeared to watch the show. After reading the work of the director of Chen Kaige, he directly asked sharply, saying that he never had to be new, and the movie was a big star. In this way, how did Director Chen Kaige adjust the actor?

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After listening to such an interview, the director of Kaige was simply a black face on the spot, and the atmosphere at the scene was very nervous. but. Chen Kaige still answered the question frankly. Breaking Niu Junfeng is a newcomer.

This "new" may not refer to Niu Junfeng's age. After all, he has been acting for eighteen years. His new possibility is Niu Junfeng's popularity. It is not a famous actor, nor is it a front -line star, and the method of training new actors by themselves is to love them, help them, and respect them.

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In addition, Liu Yiwei also objected to the sad mother played by Jin Jing. He said that ordinary comedians are qualified to choose to play non -comedy after they have become big -name stars. As soon as this remark came out, Guo Jingming's face was immediately dark, and the winning streak refuted "I don't agree with it." He said that Jin Jing is still so young, and there is no need to lock in a type. She is indeed suitable for comedy, but the actor should challenge different roles and different types.

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Liu Yiwei's point of view is simple, that is, the surgery industry has a special attack. If you find the direction, you will be pierced into it to study a direction. Do not hover back and forth. It was just that Liu Yiwei was inaccurate when explaining this point of view. What does it mean that you can only perform cross -scenes after becoming a big star. Is it impossible now? Only a big star like Song Dandan can perform comedy tragedy without being scolded? Obviously this is looking down on juniors.

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In fact, Guo Jingming and Liu Yiwei have a certain truth. What do you think?