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What should I do if I was caught by a dog? Remember these 3 points, or you can save your life

If there are pets in the home, in addition to careful care, you need to avoid being bitten by animals. Many people have dogs. When walking dogs or interacting with dogs, sometimes they are not grasped. They are accidentally caught or scratched by the dog's sharp claws, causing skin bleeding. Many people are accustomed to this situation and believe that no treatment is required.

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Do you want to get vaccinated by the dog?

If you are caught or bitten by a dog, no matter whether you bleed or not, as long as there is an epidermal damage or congestion, the rabies vaccine should be injected in time. It is difficult to determine whether the dog has a prevention needle or not to carry rabies virus. Once you are arrested, it is best to inject rabies vaccine in time. In severe cases, rabies immunoglobulin should be injected. After injury, clean the wound with water or soapy water in time, scrub disinfection with medical alcohol, and then injected rabies vaccine in time.

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What should I do if I was caught by a dog?

1. To deal with the wound as soon as possible, it must be cleaned with a clean water to clean the biting part of the bite. At the same time, the congestion inside can be squeezed out, and part of the virus is removed. In the case of conditional conditions, it is best to use a certain concentration of soapy water to clean the wound and clean it for about 20 minutes in a row. Then use iodine to disinfect the wound, then wash the iodine with alcohol, and go to the hospital for a few times after repeated operation.

2. Rushing the wound is the first step of the first aid, and then you need to pay attention to the rabies vaccine to the nearby epidemic prevention department. You must not delay. Because even if a healthy dog is also likely to carry rabies virus, it is best to perform vaccines within 24 hours. If the vaccine is injected in a few days, the rabies virus will lurk in the pregnant woman's body, and it may occur about ten days. If the incubation period is long, the onset of the disease may be ill after a few years.

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3. For those who are more severe, they must inject antiviral serum in time, and they need to be carried out correctly under the guidance of a doctor. After being bitten by a dog, the local cleaning work must be in place, otherwise it will be very unfavorable to subsequent treatment. Treatment of timely treatment can reduce the risk of being infected and avoid the body's affected.