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The Indian uncle who watched the crying world came back, full of blood and inspirational, tender tender crying!

The most amazing Indian uncle Amir Khan came again, with the sisters of "Wrestling Dad", "Mysterious superstar", watching the audience.

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Come, let's start from the beginning.

Poverty and anger

The little girl lives in the third and fourth -tier cities in India. Dad work to support her family and has a irritable temper.

Hit people with one word.

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Because her daughter had a bad grade, she ruined her favorite guitar.

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Because the mother did not put salt in the meal, the plate was overturned to the ground.

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The poor little girl, with the notice of singing the competition, followed her father, shouted many times, and did not get a response.

Finally, using the paper -making document she dreamed of, wiped the soup that she was overturned by her father.

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Mom is very guilty, hoping to give the child a chance to sing dreams.

So she hid her father and looked at the only gold necklace and bought a laptop as a gift for her daughter.

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(This is really the most touching implantation advertisement in history, the cost performance is as high as explosive)

After having a computer, girls in Indian town can see the outside world, songs outside, and dreams outside; like light in darkness.

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Seeing others publishing her songs on social networking sites, she also wanted to upload a video she sang.

But thinking of that irritable father, she dared not to, as soon as the video was sent out, she was seen by her father, and she was finished.

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Mom helped her think of a way, put on a traditional robe, only showing her eyes.

After the sound of the little girl's nature was released, it spread all over the night. This "mysterious superstar" quickly became popular on the Internet, and the students were watching.

After his father came back, he was miserable.

He discovered the necklace and bought a computer, and began to beat his mother: What are you selling on my back? Do you be a dog, don't you need to tell me what the seller is?

Forced the little girl and threw away her computer by hand.

In the movie, the blue laptop was fell from the third floor, the keyboard collapsed, and the heartbreak of the heart was heavy.

The little girl once fled her mother and ran away together, but her mother did not work and did not support her ability, and she was also worried about her brother. If she left her brother and grew up in such an angry environment, he would become a father when he grew up. Such an angry and violent person.

In fact, the most interesting personality line in the movie is that this little girl is as irritable as his father.

If you say nothing, you will get angry, and you will be soaring.

Smash the bucket.

Smash the object.

Roar at my mother.

Roar at the boy who cares about her.

She clearly hates her father's irritability, but she is unconsciously copied.

From this perspective, the man of the domestic violence wife is also a poor man with mental disability; he will not be gentle to express love, you can't deal with problems, and all unsatisfactory work in work and society has promoted him to become the "tyrant in the family. "".

Tragedy gave birth to violence, and violence recovered tragedy.

You see, sometimes it is more terrible than killing your dreams,It's someone you hate, but it deeply affects you and transmits you to him.

pride and Prejudice

Of course, there are warmth in the movie. The masked singing of the little girl is stunning to the famous musician, that is, the role of Uncle Mi in the movie.

Uncle Mi played an extremely "coquettish" musician this time.

From the perspective of appearance, his role in "Wrestling Dad" is completely opposite; but the inner temperament is similar.

For Uncle Mi, who can become a movie family and play tennis as a championship, switching the performance mode is simply a matter of minutes.

Moreover, the "evil charm" he played was not disgusting at all, and it was funny.

The evil charm is arbitrarily hook up the front desk of others.

Wear a tight -fitting dress in a flower.

Although it has become famous for many years, it has also lost myself in the trend of music and frequent changes.

He and the little girl, like a pairSpiritual father and daughter

Their crosses of each other are mutual.

He helped the little girl dream, helping the little girl out of the town, came to the biggest stage, and helped her mother to find a lawyer.

And the little girl, helped her find her attitude towards music, and the original intention of the lack of time.

If it is said that in a closed and depressed environment in the town, the pride and prejudice of imprisonment type are experienced; then the role of Uncle Mi is in the expensive circle of the drunk gold fans, and the arrogance and prejudice of fame and fortune.

It is a mirror of each other, dreams and redemptions at different stages of life.

The little girl said, "Everyone has the power to dream, and this right should not be deprived." Uncle Mi said, "You have a talented child like a bubble in a soda, it will definitely come out." The bravery of heaven and earth.

The tender boy in the desperate situation

Then, in this "chicken soup tablets", the leisurely pens were made, how many youth films were at reach.

There is a little boy in the class, the relationship with the little girl, and the lover is not full.

Everyone was watching a video of the little girl's masked singing. Only the little boy recognized it at a glance that it was her.

The little girl's computer was destroyed, and she couldn't upload the video again, and asked the little boy to help her read the email. The little boy asked what the password was.

The little girl was shy and wrote in his hands.

The password is his name.

Light and sweet.

Later, the little girl had to skip classes to record songs. The little boy helped her cover and took her to escape from the campus.

Run to the last set of levels, the back door locks, the boy helps her over the wall; eventually dream.

Two people liked it across the wall. For the first time, Sister Shu felt that the original curry English was so nice.

When the little girl recording the song and quietly lurking back to the school, the door that was locked had been smashed; the movie did not even shoot the boy after she left and continued to smash the lock. But everyone knows that it is him, it is a trivial matter, but it is very sweet.

The boy and girl's family just formed a comparison. The boy's mother also left her father, but he said that his mother kept telling her that his father was not a bad person and no one was wrong.

Growing up in a tolerant environment, the boy has a gentle personality.

In addition, the girl's brother in the movie, a child who is only three or four years old, is cute and warm, and has a huge tears.

His sister's computer was smashed. He quietly picked it up and quietly took the sister's tape, thinking that he could get the computer well.

The sister was in a bad mood to take him up, because the tape became angry with him, and his brother was not angry, and he said he was preparing a gift.

When my sister was on the rooftop, she found a few -year -old younger brother and a messy computer with a tape. The picture was really tearful.

You see, the development of this inspirational movie is very routine. You can guess that the mother will leave her father and can guess the girl will succeed, but this movie is still amazing, because every detail is so polished.

The fame of the fame overnight

Of course, many people questioned that girls in the movie were too easy; "Mysterious superstar" did not write training, effort and failure as well as "Wrestling Dad".

The girl became famous overnight by her talent.

It is really idealized, but Sister Shu feels that from the theme of this film and the self -relief of women, this "bug" is endlessly endured.

When the girl arrived at Mumbai, she met the most famous barrister and took a stack of divorce documents to her mother.

My mother was very angry: My dad never asked my opinion, so he would get married casually; my daughter did not ask my opinion, so I divorced me.

Mom is also very worried: How can you steal Mumbai alone? What if something goes wrong?

However, with the dad's authoritarian opinion, the family had to fly to another country. When the mother of the airport saw her daughter's capable, she suddenly realized that the little girl who was quietly going out was growing rapidly and becoming brave.

Many years ago, my mother learned that she was pregnant with a girl and was asked to be born by the whole family. The mother went out for ten months and did not return until the child was born, and stubbornly kept her daughter.

In the years later, this decisive courage has been hidden by her as a hidden forbearance. It was not until she saw her daughter's growth that she finally recovered this bravery.

Leave the children and rush to the scene of the awards ceremony of the daughter;

The little girl did not get the best singer, but the winner actually said that she did not match, and took the initiative to give her the award? ... The treatment here is really not very logical and common.

The little girl stepped onto the stage and said that the real mysterious superstar was her mother.

Then run from the stage to my mother.

The ritual is too strong, strong enough to be sensational, but the cornerstone is still touching.

If the girl's wrestling road in "Wrestling Dad", there is just a looming paradox of "violation of daughter's wishes", then "Mysterious superstar" is even more swordsmanship, and the spearheads are aimed at Indian women in India. Status, family violence.

In this sense, no matter how routine the chicken soup and the lack of control at the end of the ritual, it is worth the applause. He for she she.