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Kobe accidents According to the judgment of the case, Kobe's wife was compensated for $ 16 million, and finally she was justice.


New Gold Medal Entertainment Observer knows that it was officially scheduled to be Kobe Bryant Memorial Day on August 24. On this day, Kobe's crash was leaked. Los Angeles County had to pay $ 16 million in Vanessa. Fans think that this time can comfort Cobby's spirit of heaven.

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The first question: Why should Kobe's wife anger?

New Gold Medal Entertainment Observer knows that at a blink of an eye, Teacher Kobe has died for several years, but the fans have not stopped their thoughts for him. Especially when Kobe encountered air crash at that time, the photo was leaked by the locals. It turned out that a bartender in California accidentally heard the Los Angeles County internship police officer "boasting the situation of the crash" and shared it everywhere.

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For this kind of thing, it can be said that it is unbearable. Kobe's family members are very sad, so they filed a lawsuit. Now the judgment results have come out, and everyone is relatively satisfied with this result. Because Los Angeles County is compensation, and this compensation is a lot, it takes $ 15 million.

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The second question: What are the plans of Vanessa in the future?

Since Kobe's death, Vanessa has inherited Kobe's spirit, that is, the spiritual spirit of Mamma, on the one hand, strives to cultivate and tap successive talents, hoping to inherit Kobe's ball skills. On the other hand, Vanessa actively safeguarded Kobe's rights and interests, such as the leakage of this photo, which was arrested by Vanessa.

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In fact, Vanessa has always been sad after the funeral husband, but through these things, Vanessa has a lot of enrichment. Although Kobe is gone, Vanessa has been living in Kobe's world, which is also good.