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Justin Sun Believes the Next DeFi Wave Will Be in TRON

Founder of TRON Launches 'Strongest DeFi Project' and Faces Backlash for White List Scam

Crypto Chaser Justin Sun Believes the Next DeFi Wave Will Be in TRON

"I firmly believe that the next DeFi wave will be in TRON," said "crypto chaser" Justin Sun, who has been accused of plagiarism in the past. He recently launched the "strongest DeFi project" on TRON called JUST (JST), followed by JustSwap, which he dubbed "the Uniswap of TRON." At the end of August, he introduced JUSTLend, which he claims is the Compound of TRON.

Justin Sun Justin Sun, founder of TRON

However, the "TRON version of DeFi" is now in trouble as the "white list" created by the Just Foundation for JustSwap seems to have inadvertently included fraudulent projects.

JUST (JST) JUST (JST), the "strongest DeFi project" on TRON

One project, Tron Supernode, has disappeared, taking 2 million USD worth of TRON with them. Victims have criticized the foundation for helping fraudsters by providing a white list. The Tron Supernode is still holding most of the stolen TRON, but users are unable to withdraw their funds due to system limitations. The project was valued at 2 million USD before it disappeared.

JustSwap JustSwap, dubbed "the Uniswap of TRON"

Tron: High Risk Investment and Plagiarism Accusations

Tron Logo

According to, investing in Tron supernodes is a high-risk project that could result in potential fraud.

In March 2020, TRON announced the launch of their new mortgage loan platform Djed, which was later renamed to Just. However, many in the community accused Just Foundation of plagiarizing MakerDAO's MKR.

Just Foundation Logo

The Foundation's audit process was criticized for being inadequate, particularly in regards to the analysis of smart contracts. Although the Just Foundation was launched by the team behind TRON's blockchain browser, they have yet to respond to comments by community members.

Comparison of MakerDAO's MKR and Just Foundation's JST

Investors should take caution when investing in Tron supernodes and closely monitor any developments and news related to Just Foundation.

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