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South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Bithumb to List in the US via Reverse Merger

BTHMB Holdings to merge with Blockchain Industries to list Bithumb in the US

South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Bithumb to List in the US via Reverse Merger

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South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb is planning to apply for listing in the US through a reverse merger.

Investment company Blockchain Industries, which already trades on the US OTC market, has signed a binding letter of intent agreement to conduct a reverse merger with BTHMB Holdings, the Singapore-based holding company that controls Bithumb.

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Upon completion of the deal, the merged entity will be called Blockchain Exchange Alliance and has the potential to become the first cryptocurrency exchange to list in the US.

BTHMB Holdings has agreed to deposit $1 million into an escrow account as part of the agreement. The deal is subject to due diligence and agreement on terms and valuations.

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