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It is difficult for French bullfighting dogs, but I do n’t know that there are five benefits. I have no regrets!

One of the most popular dog breeds in France, many people like it particularly, but many people do not like French cows, because French cattle are not as good as breeding as expected. If you say that cattle are difficult to raise , I certainly don't know that raising it has the following 5 benefits!

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1. French cattle "character" is good

The French bullfighting dog's personality is very docile and kind, and it is very suitable for family breeding with children. French cattle often are quiet and will not disturb the neighbors.

If you want to raise dogs in the community, you can consider raising a French bullfighting dog.

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2. Easy to "take care of"

Fa Dou Mao's hair is shorter and less. If you take care of it, it is relatively simple. It will not be like some dogs with long hairs. It is a spiritual torture every day.

However, pay attention to cleaning the folds on the face of the Fa Dou, and the ears, and the lightness of the diet. It is best to choose some light and low -salt dog food to reduce tears and hair loss!

3. Like "sticky people"

French bullfighting dogs like to be with people, and they are mainly used abroad to play with children, so raising a French bullfighting dog not only sticky people, but also helps to bring children.

If you like a dog who is sticky, loves and children, you can consider raising a "French bullfighting dog". It can become a very good companion dog!

4. bring "joy" to life

Raising a French bullfighting dog can really bring a lot of joy in our lives. Just look at its charming smile, sometimes stupid and stupid.

I also look at it when it goes to the stairs or climbing, it can really laugh, but the breeding Fa Niu advised you not to let it climb the stairs frequently, it is not good for its lumbar spine!

5. It looks "very cute"

French bullfighting dogs are well -developed, with smooth back hair and compact structure. Many people are captured by the ugly appearance of Fa Dou. They look stupid and very funny.

When taking pictures, all kinds of fans, the discouraged lethality is very powerful, and the lethality of girls is even more bars. Have you been so cute to you!

Precautions for breeding in Fa Niu:

In the process of breeding French bullfighting dogs, we must control the salt absorption of French cattle, because if it is often eaten too salty for Fa Niu, it is easy to cause symptoms such as skin diseases and tear marks.

Therefore, it is important to raise the absorption of salt to control the salt. The same is true when choosing a staple dog food. It is recommended that the pet owner should give priority to choosing a light and low salt, probiotic bacteria, and dog food with dietary fiber.

Just like this "non -greasy natural dog food" is a natural grain suitable for French cattle absorption and digestion, and with probiotics and dietary fiber, which can improve the gastrointestinal of the Dharma beef, and the salt is also low. Symptoms such as Mao!

French cattle training snacks:

It is recommended to train the snacks for French cattle. You can choose this "non -greasy chicken jerky". Chicken jerky can not only grind Fa Niu to teeth, but also prevent dental stones and dispel bad breath!

Conclusion:Do you like this kind of French cattle?