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The Football Association Cup Battle in Beijing Guoan, Shanghai Shanggang ushered in a very bad news!


Shanghai Shanggang, which is resting because of the typhoon, will usher in a life and death battle tomorrow night. That is, the FA Cup 1/4 final round against Beijing Guoan, which has a good condition recently. In the first round of the two sides, Shanghai Port lost to Beijing Guoan at 1: 2 away, allowing the opponent to take the lead; fortunately, holding a away goal in hand, letting Shanghai Port still retain the possibility of a home.

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From the perspective of the status of the two sides, it is obvious that Beijing Guoan is even better. In the first 13 rounds of the Chinese Super League, in addition to the first round of Luneng to Shandong Luneng, Guoan did not lose the remaining 12 games. There is a great meaning to see who destroy. The state of Shanghai's Shanghai Port is a bit high and low, and it has a lot of ups and downs, especially in the last 6 rounds of the league. It only achieved a victory in a game. The tactical play is single, the bench is not thick, etc., and the chain is made at a critical moment at a critical moment.

What's even worse is that the life and death battle with Guoan had to face a more difficult problem, which is to offensive core Hulk's absence. Since the previous FA Cup Hulk had a yellow card, and there was one before, he had to face the dilemma of two cumulative two yellow cards.

As we all know, Hulk's importance to Shanghai Port is not only the initiator of the offensive of the Shanghai -Hong Kong frontcourt, but also the end of the offense of Shanghai Port. In the first 12 rounds, Hulk contributed 4 goals and 4 assists to Shanghai Port, and the threat goal he came out was even more numerous. It can be said that Hulk is the brain of the Shanghai Shanggang frontcourt. Once this "brain" cannot be played, the frontcourt attack of Shanghai Port will suffer a devastating blow.

Originally, in the absence of Hulk, there was a super -capable foreign aid that was able to rely on Hong Kong, that is, Brazilian foreign aid Elkson. If it is returned to two years ago, Elkson can pass and shoot, and can definitely take advantage of Shanghai Port's independence and turn the tide. In the exercise of the game, Elkson's skill was almost halved. Although Elkson can play for Shanghai Port, it is difficult to say whether it can help to win the enemy to win.

There is also the local forward Wu Lei. Although he is currently ranked first on the Chinese Super League Sagittarius, he still lacks a little bit of the domineering domineering. It is not realistic to put Bao completely on Wu Lei. Therefore, Hulk's absence is definitely a bad news for Shanghai Port.