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Hong Jinbao, a legendary figure, has a film and television career for more than 60 years, and was once a wife of his wife.

Hong Jinbao, a legendary character, has begun to get involved in movies as early as 12 years old and embark on his favorite film and television road. At that time, he was a child star in the name "Zhu Yuanlong". The movies starred in "Education of Love", "Huang Tianba", "Yue Fei" and so on.

At the age of 18, he has served as a dragon tiger martial arts and has carried out martial arts instructions. The first one of the dragon tiger martial arts was "Double Sword", which won the best martial arts guidance award in the first Golden Dragon Award in Taiwan. In 1977, Hong Jinbao began to be the protagonist. The first was "Three Monk Monk Yu Mi Mi" not only the protagonist, but also the director of this film. Hong Jinbao this year was only 25 years old, and he directed himself.

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Sammo Hung is a versatile superstar, which has been acting from the actor to the director and even the filmmakers. In the 1980s, Hong Jinbao opened a number of film companies and filmed a large number of action comedies, such as "Tiger field chicken》 、 《Fighting Single Sword Determine Gun"," Ghost Beat Ghost "," Shuanglong Go to the Sea "and so on.

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Because of the "Fuxing Series" film works, it is a category of selling blocks, and it takes more than 10 million box office. As a result, action movies and comedies have become the most successful and popular film types in Hong Kong films. In the mid -1990s, Hong Kong production films were downturn. Sammo Hung began to reduce production and performed the local TV collection "Crossing Jianglong" in the United States. Later, he went to Mainland China to play a number of serial dramas, and in recent years, he returned to Hong Kong to re -vote for the film industry.

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The movies that appeared in several years have performed very well, such as "My Agent Grandpa" and "Grandpa" "Huang Feihong's hero has a dream"" Dang Kou Feng Yun "," Ye Wen 2 "and so on. Although people are old, their hair is white. In the action fighting drama, it is very active. It is indeed a child who has practiced martial arts from an early age.

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Sammo Hung is a versatile superstar, and has its own wisdom. It has achieved excellent achievements in actors, action guidance, director, and producers. It has contributed a lot to Hong Kong's film and television industry, which has also led to the trend of Hong Kong black kung fu comedy and fashion action movies.

The picture below shows the winning record.

Hong Jinbao, a very dedicated person, in order to do a good job of action design, he has in -depth research and innovation in Wing Chun Boxing, Jeet Junes, and Karate. In his own film, Hong Jinbao deliberately highlights the group drama and sets the most played drama for everyone. He dug a lot of talents for the Hong Kong film industry (BVGV classic online review). Sammo Hung has always worked hard to expand his drama, integrates the traditional moral outlook and brand -new martial arts concepts into the film, and emphasizes the simple emotions between people on the basis of dazzling action scenes.

In 1986, his wife asked Hong Jinbao's Hongjia class as a female apprentice and admired Hong Jinbao. Gao Lihong had long said that she would choose a Chinese husband as her own husband. The cooperation with Hong Jinbao made her not only interested in Chinese kung fu, but also had an admiration for this martial arts star who was obese but extraordinary. Gao Lihong won the Miss Hong Kong champion in 1984.

At the beginning, the two sides were also famous and apprentices. In 1991, Gao Lihong married Hong Jinbao. After Hong Jinbao went to the United States to develop, Gao Lihong became Hong Jinbao's English teacher. With the TV series "Crossing Jianglong", Hong Jinbao became a well -known Chinese kung fu star in the United States.