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Is there a long incubation period of rabies? Unscientific

"Is it injured by your own kitten and puppy?" "Is there really 20 years in the incubation period of rabies?" ... Each spring is the estrus period of cats, dogs and other animals, and it is also the peak period for animals to hurt people. , But many people in the city are aware of rabies, and even panic about it ...

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Rabies disease death rate is almost 100%

Like AIDS and tuberculosis, rabies are definitely the "number one killer" in infectious diseases. "In recent years, You'an Hospital receives about 10 rabies patients every year, but doctors have no way to do. Some patients' families simply led the patients home and could only wait for death ..." According to Li Yanzer Zeng Zeng Zeng Zeng Zeng Zeng Zengzong The doctor introduced that once a person or cat with a rabies virus is bitten by a man, if it is not handled in time, the rabies virus will damage the human nervous system and cause the mortality 100 %. At present, there are few cases of cure in medical history. However, from the perspective of Beijing, the patients with rabies are mainly from the surrounding rural areas, which is mainly related to the low immune rate of rural dogs and not enough attention after being bitten.

If you are bitten and scratched by dogs and cats, the wound should be treated immediately. Rinse with soapy water and water for at least 15 minutes. Wipe the wound with iodophor (or iodine, alcohol) after thoroughly rinse; the wound cannot be sutured or bandaged; immediately go to the local disease control center to inject rabies vaccine throughout the process. Inject rabies immunoglobulin.

It is very dangerous to kiss the puppy

"I was caught by the cat, did not grab it, do I need to get an injection?"

"According to the" Specifications for Disposal of Rabies after the exposure of rabies ", anyone who cannot be determined that the injured animals are healthy animals. If you bite and grab the naked skin, even if there is no bleeding, you need to vaccinate immediately."

There was such a case: A mother bite the thread with her teeth when she sewed her child's pants that was bitten by a dog. As a result, she suffered from rabies and died. It can be seen that the rabies virus has the highest content in the dog's saliva and is the main communication channel of rabies virus. The kittens and puppies have the habit of licking the paw. If the saliva with a virus is contaminated on the paw, and then the injury will be caught, the virus will enter the human body along the damaged wound. In addition, if one day you are injured in a part of your body, and the dog loves the dog over and lick, which may also cause people to infect rabies.

It should be noted that the skin of the human body and mucous membranes are different. Even the complete mucosa, once contact with rabies virus, it is easy to be infected. For example, animals carrying rabies virus licked mucosa, anus, oral cavity and other mucosa, and the virus will directly enter the human tissue through mucosa. Therefore, kissing with small animals is a very dangerous action.

Don't panic when you are bitten by your own cat and dog

"Will rabies be bitten by your own puppy?" "My kitten never goes out, is it needed to get an injection when it was bitten?" , Even for a long time in fear.

"If your own pet is healthy and regularly vaccinated, you don't have to worry."

There are two conditions for rabies: one is animal with rabies virus, and the other is animal scratching and bite by animals with rabies virus. Therefore, if you are bitten by your own pet, as long as you are in the heart of your pets, you can use the "Ten Day Observation Law" determined by WHO -as long as the pets that bite people within 10 days are not onset, you can judge you It is bitten by a dog that is not poisonous and does not need to inject vaccines.

It should be noted that it is not only animal with rabies with viruses, and the saliva of healthy dogs, cats and other animals may also have rabies virus. In addition, even small animals that have been vaccinated, it takes a while due to the producing antibodies, and it cannot guarantee that it is 100 % unable to carry rabies virus. Therefore, the cats and dogs that are raised should be vaccinated regularly and cannot be interrupted. In addition, do not provoke those strange small animals, especially small animals that have long -term foraging and survival in the wild. Once you are bitten by strange cats, dogs and other animals, you must receive treatment in time, and do not take your life.

"Overdamed During" is unscientific

"I was caught by a dog from someone else's house more than ten years ago, but now it has started itching. Will it be rabies?"

The incubation period of rabies is usually 1-3 months, and the incubation period of very few cases may be greater than one year, and other statements are unbelievable.

There are many claims about the latent period of rabies. Some say that 20 years, and some say that the longest incubation period can be 46 years, which makes many people who have been bitten by dogs. The more severe and closer the head, the shorter the incubation period. Research data proves that the incubation period of rabies is usually 1-3 months. The incubation period of a few heads and facial bite may be as short as one week, and the incubation period of very few cases (1%of the total) may be greater than one year. It has been reported that the incubation period of a case has reached 6 years, but it is also a very rare phenomenon. As for those so -called 10 or 20 years of incubation periods, there is no basis.