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Can pet diseases be transmitted to the owner? Pay attention to the shit!

Recently, the weather is cold. Winter is a period of time for pet infectious diseases. Many masters are worried that the pets of pets will be transmitted to themselves. So will pet's infectious disease be transmitted to humans?

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The following common diseases, pets can be transmitted to the owner

Bow -shaped body disease

Gow -shaped body disease is a parasitic disease caused by the bowls. This disease can be transmitted between more than 20 animals including people, cats, dogs, pigs, and sheep. The bowls survive in the cat body in the cat body, while the body of other animals survives in a nonsense way. There are symptoms such as dyspnea, cough, and high fever during acute infection, which can also cause body surface lymphatic, abdominal skin and ear congestion. When the insects invade animal eyes and brain, they will also cause lesions of these parts.

Due to the long latent period of this disease, people with strong constitution will not occur immediately after being infected, but when the resistance is poor, it will cause pneumonia and lymph nodes. Especially pregnant women may cause fetal malformation or even abortion after being infected.

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skin disease

Skin disease is a relatively common disease in animals, such as mites, fungi, etc., which will not only be boring on animals, but also vulnerable to humans.

For example, the cat ringworm, which is commonly known as "ingredients", the hair color will become rough after the cat is infected, and then it will fall off one by one, and even causes skin damage. When people come into contact with such sick cats, they will develop ringworm spots. This disease has weak resistance and tender skin is particularly harmful.

Mites are also parasites that are easy to bring back when they are playing outside, and can be transmitted to humans by direct contact. Once you enter the skin, the mites will capture the nutrition of the skin, make the pores thick and affect the aesthetics.

Therefore, when you find that your pet's fur abnormalities are abnormal, you must take it to see a doctor in time. These skin diseases can be cured as long as they use general drugs.

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Rabies disease is an acute infectious disease caused by rabies virus. It is commonly common in human beasts. It is more common in meat animals such as dogs, wolves, and cats. Most people are infected by being bitten by sick beasts. The clinical manifestations are unique fear of water, fear of wind, pharyngeal muscle spasm, and sexual paralysis. Because the symptoms of fear of water are more prominent, the disease is also known as water disease.

The probability of reducing infection rabies:

1. Let pets vaccinate the latest vaccine:

2. Avoid contact with wild animals as much as possible;

3. Let pets stay away from stray animals, do not try to take care of them (you can try to help stray animal rescue agencies)

4. If the pet bites you, tell the doctor immediately (human medicine, not veterinarian !!! We can not take animal vaccines !!!)

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Pet diseases that do not contagger people

Some of the pets of pets will not be transmitted to people

A respiratory disease, achibolic influenza, canine small virus enteritis, canine coronary virus, cat nasal virus, cup virus disease, white blood cells (cat plague)

Waiting for these pets that are common in infectious diseases of these pets will not be transmitted to people

Winter care dog

1. Vaccine:Autumn is a period of high incidence of pet infectious diseases, such as canine discharge heating and cough in dog nest cough. Many pets can be contacted to the owner through contact or air. Therefore, parents must do a good job of vaccination once a year, and don't let the baby suffer from illness.

Second, diligence:In autumn, hairy pets are also prone to some parasitic diseases. These parasites on pets can be parasitic on human body by contacting humans. In the cold winter, the owner likes to put on the cold clothes for dogs. At this time, if you do not make a dog -repellent dog, it is easy to have skin diseases. Therefore, in this season, spray pest killing medicine for pets, wear flea rings for pets, and take a bath to pets in a timely manner.

Three, prevent cold:In winter, the weather is cooling, and pets are most likely to suffer from respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal diseases. They need to pay special attention. Pay attention to the warmth of pets in winter and rainy weather, such as putting a warm blanket where the pet sleeps.

Four, diligent cleaning:Even in winter, many dogs need to go out and exercise, but many owners have forgotten to clean up the paws of the dogs and cats. Under normal circumstances, use water to clean your feet for dogs. However, if the dog's feet are dirty, then you cannot avoid using some bath liquids (specially dedicated to dogs), which will be cleaned more thorough and cleaner.

This foot washing artifact is free of cleaning, the foam is very delicate, the dust and bacteria can be removed. After the brushing, just use a wet paper towel to remove the foam. The feet, preventing dry cracking, with this walking dog, no longer afraid to come back to get a cloth and slowly wipe your feet so hard.