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The eight -armed Nezha in the water Margin is like a Diamond Orion

Xiang Chong is a character in "Water Margin", nicknamed the eight -arm Nezha, the people of Pei County, Xuzhou, originally the owner of the Mangyu cottage. He and Fan Rui and Li Yan threatened to annex Liangshan. As a result, he was conquered by Song Jiang and was surrendered by Gongsun Sheng. He returned to Liangshan. When Liangshan gathered together, he became one of the 108 generals, ranking 64th, and flying on the ground, serving as the pedestrian general. When the recruitment of Fang La died in Muzhou, he chased Yiji Lang.

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Xiang Chong is a person in Pei County, Xuzhou. He is a group card and inserts twenty -four flying knives. He can get people a hundred steps. He and Fan Rui and Li Zhen were brothers, occupying Mangyu Mountain together, gathered three thousand soldiers, and fighting for the house.

Surrender Song Jiang

Xiang Chong and Fan Rui and Li Yan were strong and strong, and threatened to annex Liang Shanbo. As a result, Zhu Gui was known and reported to the Gai Gai and Song Jiang. At the beginning of Shi Jin, he went to Liangshan and took the initiative to ask for discussion. He led Zhu Wu, Chen Da, and Yang Chun to Mangyu Mountain and fought against Xiang Chong and Li Yan. Xiang Chong danced to the group card, and killed Shi Shi to retreat for 60 or seventy miles. Shi Jin was almost injured by a flying knife in the melee, and Yang Chun fled even more.

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Song Jiang came to the arrest in person, and Gongsun Sheng put a picture of eight arms. Fan Rui ordered the two to lead the five hundred swords and killed the sword. He assisted in the demon method outside the array, but was suppressed by Gongsun's five Lei Tianxin Faith. Xiang Chi could not be killed in the line, and eventually fell into Makeng and was captured by Liang Shanjun. However, Song Jiang was unbelieved and treated the two with courtesy.

When Xiang Chiang saw Song Jiang's deep spirit, he returned to Liangshan, and expressed his willingness to persuade Fan Rui to come down, and at the same time proposed that one person can be used as a hostage. Song Jiang put all the two back. Xiang Chong returned to the cottage and praised Song Jiang's spirit. Fan Rui went down the mountain to surrender, and merged all the soldiers of Mangyu Mountain into Liangshan.

Liangshan Joyi

After Song Jiang succeeded in Liang Cotton, Xiang Chong and Li Zhen put the third level in front of the Liangshan Boshan Mountain. Later, he followed Damei Mansion and Zengtou City.

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When attacking Dongchang Mansion, Xiang Chong followed Fan Rui to meet the guard Zhang Qing, but was injured by Ding De Sun Yinyou fork.

In Liangshan, Xiang Chong ranked 64th, and the star was flying star. He worked as a walking army with sixteen people including Bao Xu and Fan Rui.

When the two -win Tong Guan, Xiang Chong and Li Yan, Fan Rui, and Li Yan led the five hundred troops together to act as the leading troops. Later, he participated in the ambush of ten sides and attacked the army with Li Yan.

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Southern Expedition and North War

After Liang Shan was recruited, Xiang Chong followed Song Jiangnan to conquer the north. He and Li Yan, Bao Xu, and Li Yan were forming a "killing four group". Li Yan often went shirtless, and was covered by Xiang Chong and Li Yan's bargaining cards, which was less seriously injured.

At the time of the Liao Kingdom, Xiang Chong and Li Yan and others led 500 cards to push the twenty -four mine vehicles into the Liao Army's army to assist the Song Army to break through the Taiyi mixed heavenly elephant formation.

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He had killed Tian Hu's general Ke Qiu in the Simplified Book of Water Margin. When he conquered Tian Hu, Xiang Chong was captured by Qiao Daoqing outside Zhaode City by Qiao Daoqing, and he would rather kneel with Wu Song, Li Yan and others, and scolded him.

At the time of the conquest of Wang Qing, Xiang Chong and Lu Zhishen, Wu Song, Li Yan and other 14 people led the five thousand bravejie infantry to kill Shangji Mountain from the back of the mountain and seize the cottage of Jishan. Later, in the battle of Nanfeng, he participated in the blockade of Wang Qing, killing the Huaixi Army "four -point crack, seven breaks and eight continues, sporadic rains, and rushing to escape."

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When he conquered Fang La, Xiang Chong followed Li Jun and Mu Hong to Runzhou to make internal response, assisted Song Jun to break through Runzhou, and captured with Li Yan. General Runzhou defending and harmony. Later, he killed Hangzhou defender Yuan Xing.

Fierce ending

During the battle of Muzhou, Xiang Chong chased Zheng Biao with Li Yan and Li Yan. The three wanted to be in front of Song Jiang. Although they did not know the path, they still pursued them. As a result, the Southern Army that was suddenly killed was cut off. Xiang Chong was tripped over by the rope and did not struggle, and was chopped by the Southern Army to chop for meat. After chasing Yiji Lang.