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Brother Huya Niu rescued 50 Langu men in 2 years and then boarded the newspaper. During the interview

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In the concept of many people, the so -called live broadcast platforms are linked to the game live broadcast, but in the corners where there are not many people pay attention to, there is also an outdoor live broadcast column. Maybe many people's understanding of outdoor live broadcast is to broadcast the pictures they play everywhere, but recently the outdoor live broadcast section of the Huya platform has released an anchor and has been on the Guangzhou Daily twice. What is going on? Woolen cloth?

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It turned out that the live broadcast of this anchor named Niu Ge was rescued a homeless man. As of today, he has successfully helped 50 Lagels to go home. The old saying is not to do a good deed, but to do good deeds for a lifetime. It seems that Niu Brother is moving towards this goal. His Weibo's ID "Niu Brother Chasing Dream" should be this dream.

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Although in today's society, anyone who does good deeds and opens up will have a lot of unsatisfied voices that they are doing shows, otherwise who will be willing to do such difficult things? To be honest, Brother Niu did have a picture. In the interview, he talked to reporters why he did these things. It turned out that Brother Niu had a brother when he was a child, but he lost when he went to relatives' house to worship the New Year. When he finally found him, his brother had passed away. It was this experience that let Niu go on this path, because when he saw those wandering people, he always remembered his brother inadvertently, and he would think of himself when he could not reunite with his family.

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The above is the 43rd wanderer rescued by Brother Niu. After being lost, he wandered for two months, and finally contacted his family with the help of Niu Ge. When they saw their family crying and wept, countless netizens in front of the screen were moved to tears.

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Some people may think that since it is a rescue wanderer, why is it necessary to broadcast live? Niu Ge's outdoor live broadcast naturally has his reasons, because many people have lost their basic language skills and communication skills for many years. Understand, at this time, it can reflect the role of the majority of water friends. When watching the live broadcast, you can also save the stray. This may also be the live broadcast experience that the audience has never seen before.