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Sima Yi is too capable. After he died, Cao Wei Three Dynasties Mingjun, eventually achieved the great cause of eternal ages.

I believe that many friends who love history have watched the "Army Division Alliance". This TV series can be said to be the first TV drama that tells Sima Yi. In the first few episodes of this drama, it tells why Cao Cao killed Huayu to kill Huayi The real reason is not much to say.

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Why can Sima Yi live for so long? Sima Yi's father, Sima, and Hua Yan, were a friend relationship. Before Hua Yan's death, he gave "Five Bowls" to Sima Yi. This may be an important reason why Sima Yi lived so.

Cao Cao, Cao Yu, and Cao Rui were called Wei's "three ancestors" by later generations. They were the three generations of Ming Jun of Cao Wei. Needless to say.

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Although Cao Cao used Sima Yi, he also knew clearly that Sima Yi's ambitions. In addition, during the Cao Cao period, he had a lot of conspirators. It is used for strong recruitment, and the naked statement "If it is recovered, it will be collected", which means that it cannot be used by me, and it is killed.

Cao Cao gradually noticed that Sima Yi was "heroic" and found that he had "the appearance of the wolf", and his heart was very taboo. Therefore, to Cao Yu, Sima Yi is not a person under the official, and he will interfere with our family. However, because Cao Yu and Sima Yi had a good relationship, he always took care of him, and he couldn't do anything.

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Later, Cao Yong succeeded and appeared as emperor, and officially established Wei State, ending the rule of more than 400 years of the Han Dynasty. During the reign of Cao Yu, he adopted the opinions of Chen Qun of the Ministry of officials and Chen Qun. Become the main system of election in the Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties. In addition, the separatist forces of Qingzhou and Xuzhou areas finally completed the unity of the north. Facing the borders to the outside world, repel Xianbei, and repairs with the Xiongnu, 氐, and Qiang, and restore the construction in the Western Regions.

Although Cao Yan seems to be weak and incompetent in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", it is inferior to Cao Zhi, not as good as Cao Zhang, and Cao Chong; but in the end, Cao Yu won. Cao Yu is not as simple as the appearance. Hard -tolerant, especially political wrist, is not weaker than his father Cao Cao.

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Although Sima Yi seemed to be reused at this time, it has not really been in power; when Cao Yong died, Ling Sima Yi and the Chinese general Cao Zhen, the town general Chen Qun, and the general Cao Xiu of Zhengdong Essence Cao Yu said to the prince Cao Rui: "There are those who have these three grandfather, don't doubt it." In fact, it is also for Cao Zhen, Chen Qun and Cao Xiu to check the balance of Sima Yi, especially Cao Zhen and Cao Xiu, the Cao family clan, and the ministers of the auxiliary government must be based on this The two are respect.

After Cao Yu's death, Cao Rui succeeded. During his reign, he commanded Cao Zhen, Sima Yi, and others to successfully defend Wu and Shu's many attacks, and settled Xianbei to destroy Gongsun Yuan and made great achievements. Although he had to use Sima Yi, Cao Rui was still very guarded on Sima Yi, and arranged a balanced opponent Cao Shuang for Sima Yi.

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The emperor Wei Guo after Cao Rui was Cao Fang, who was only eight years old, and Cao Shuang was not the opponent of Sima Yi. Cao Shuang and his party feathers were later destroyed by Sima Yi. Cao Wei Jiangshan laid a solid foundation.

When Sima Yi was alive, the prestige of Wei Guo was quite high. Even if Qiu Jian and Wen Qin crouched the Sima Shi after his death, he still had "the country of the country, the family of the Wei, the loyalty of the family," Wait for praise. History books call it "the world's Xin Lai" and "the world are happy". In the early years of the Jin Dynasty, Sima Yan achieved the rule of Taikang in the Taikang years, and people still admired Sima Yi, who promoted the unity of the Three Kingdoms. Even Sima Yi was said to be like Sima Yi, and at that time, he could "reputation in the world"

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Sima Yi's reputation was destroyed after the scourge of Yongjia. Its noble descendants brought a lot of catastrophe from each other. The Eastern Jin Dynasty in the south has been controlled by the family members for a long time.

The Jin Dynasty was south, similar to the Shu Han of the year, and the voices of Shuhan as the orthodox; after the demise of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the situation was even more obvious. By the Sui and Tang dynasties, the folk storytelling and the drama were flourishing; and the "Jin Shu" of the official cultivation of the Tang Dynasty, with the emperor’s of the emperor’s ,’s The position is not encouraged to follow. After the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" in the Ming Dynasty, the image of "empty city planning, fire extinguishing valley, seeing woodcarving Wei Du" and other false Sima Yi images were widely passed on to the people.