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I was married to love, but the marriage became a nanny and a female man.

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Text/Ling Mai

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Emotional talk: Tingting (pseudonym)

For ten years of marriage, we must make money and support their families, but also serve the old and young, and repay the mortgage.

When I graduated from college, I got married. I just thought about him to love me. I love him. I thought that marrying love would be happy.

Now, I want to divorce every day. He is timid and cowardly. He plays mobile phones all day to watch romance dramas, naive thoughts, and has no motivation.

He didn't care about my illness. I said that not only did he be considerate, but also said that his mother was in a bad health, and he still worked on the ground. He compared his mother to me, thinking that my city was in the city.

I did all the housework. He also regarded himself as the leadership and absolute authority at home. He thought that I did n’t do it well, and it was not good.

His parents were sick and hospitalized. While I accompanied the bed, I went home to cook to the hospital. In his words, I was his wife, his parents' daughter -in -law, so I should do everything.

At first, the parents and family members strongly opposed it. They all thought that this person was lazy, had a lot of heart, and had a bad heart to marry him. Now it really regrets the intestines. I really blame myself.

I used to be a smile and love, but now I don't even have the mood of pretending to be smiling.

When the child is bigger, I should find my freedom. Now, just like this.


In marriage, the most afraid of is a man who is not in mind.

You can marry love, marry material, and marry face value, but you must not marry men who are not in mind.

Poor is not terrible, but men who are not in mind are really terrible.

Men have a bad temperament, and women can gradually run in, and once men do not have the heart, women can't help him anyway.

After all, people's motivated minds can not be owned by others. It is a mentality inspiring, and after all, it is necessary to rely on men to realize themselves.

A man with a motivated man may be very poor now, but he will have better one day than now. Even if he will not become a millionaire, you follow the road.

And a man who is not in mind, you can't see hope, and his disappointment will make you lose motivation.

A man didn't even go up, let alone a happy future.


When we were young, we felt that we had love and love the soul through life.

But after marriage, we looked back. The man we married at the beginning was not only poor, but he didn't ask for progress.

How many women, earning money at get off work, doing housework, taking children, busy, like a gyroscope constantly.

Women are too capable, and this life is destined to live more than others.

Because men are not in, women's ability is forced by men, who does not want birds to rely on people.

The female man in the marriage, the strong women, were forced out, who knew who was sad.

A man should have a responsibility, a man who is not in mind, is not worthy of you to pay so much for him.

I can cook with you, but you do n’t go in and do n’t work hard. How many life can I consume with you?