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Millennium 透 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千

Tell you a good news -the fruit of the Xiajin Yellow River Hometown Forest Park is familiar!

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When it comes to 信 提, I believe you will definitely make your teeth and evoke sweet memories. And the nation and the world's only millennial ancient mulberry groups have been released from the world. It is exquisite and clear, and the juice is thick and thick.

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Xiajin County is located in the northwestern Lusi Plain, the ancient Yellow River hometown, unique soil and soil conditions and climate, and cultivated the "unique" mulberry tree here. The ancient mulberry tree of Yishouyuan is one of the special forest resources of the national 4A -level scenic area of the Xiajin Yellow River Hometown Forest Park. Although more than 3,000 ancient trees over 100 years old, although the old -fashioned dragon bells are old, they are still leafy and the fruits are exhausted. In the third national cultural relics census, the ancient trees of the Yishouyuan Garden were recognized as the title of "Hometown of China" by Xia Jin awarded around 1391.

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The fruits are shaped like strawberries, such as small jasper, graceful, white or purple or red, like agate, like colorful beads, soft and tender, very cute. In the early summer, when the fruit is rare, the colorful and delicate fruits are more and more attractive. Xiajin's fruits are full of granules, thick flesh, delicious juice, sweet and honey, and the juice is as good as cricket. The function of Xiajin 有 has high nourishing yin, nourishing blood, nourishing the kidneys, strengthening the spleen, and black hair. It is a good product for long -term illness, neurasthenia, insomnia and forgetfulness, and qi and blood deficiency. The fruits can make wine, squeeze juice, and make dried cakes and cakes. The mulberry wine produced is bright red, sweet and sour, and has fresh aroma, which is praised by people.

In another week, Xia Jin's fruit will gradually enter the peak picking season. Tourists from all over the country have long been unable to hold back, and they want to taste it first. On the huge branches of the crown, the fruits are full of fruits, such as the starry stars, strolling between the thousands of hectares of green onion and green. The feeling of the sweetheart of the entrance is not as beautiful as described. Especially when the rain is over, there is no dust, fresh and cool, and the taste is better.

Please prepare, don't miss the "sweet date".(Li Zhangang)

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