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Apple's brain hole open MAC's "wireless charging treasure" in the future or the mouse keyboard

At present, most of the wireless accessories of the computer are mainly powered by batteries, such as keyboards and mouse, which means that once the battery is exhausted, the accessory cannot be used and it needs to be recharged. In most cases, the power shortage reminder will warn the user for some time in advance to remind users to charge.

However, if we don't need to worry about charging in the future, what will happen? This seems to be what Apple is currently exploring. Appleinsider has recently discovered a patent that Apple has applied for a patent for Mac computers for wireless charging.

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Mac computer

This will be achieved by using radio waves. As long as the keyboard and mouse are within the range of the computer, they will keep the charging state. This is not the first time Apple has tried to put forward the idea of wireless charging. The company had previously applied for a patent for an idea. The idea is that they can install wireless charging devices on the laptop, and then use it for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch Charge. But at present, this is just a patent, and I don't know if it will become a reality.