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Huada Gene and South Africa Medical Research Council cooperated to build the first high -throughput genome sequencing center in Africa

Recently, the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) Genomics Center officially opened in Cape Town, becoming the first high -throughput genome sequencing center in Africa.

The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) was established in 1969. It is a subordinate institution of the Ministry of Health of South Africa. It aims to improve the health of South Africa through research and development and technology transfer, so that people can enjoy better quality of life. SAMRC's main research areas include tuberculosis, AIDS, cardiovascular disease and other non -infectious diseases, gender and health, alcohol and drug abuse, etc.

The SAMRC Genomics Center is an important part of cooperation in the field of health in China. During the convening of the China -Africa Ministerial Medical Health Cooperation Conference in April 2017, SAMRC signed a memorandum of understanding of cooperation with Shenzhen Huada Gene Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Huada Gene). In February 2018, the two parties formally signed a cooperation agreement to provide equipment and technical support by Washinga Gene to cooperate with SAMRC to build a high -throughput genome sequencing center. For more than a year, with the strong support of government departments of the two countries, the two sides have worked closely, cooperated with force, and work progress. At present, about 320 square meters of laboratory reconstruction is completed. The first set of US $ 550,000 Huada gene sequencers have settled in the laboratory and completed the assembly test. The first four SAMRC technicians have gone to China University of China to complete technical training. Huada Gene will also send technicians to south to conduct one -year on -site guidance.

Professor, Chairman and CEO Glena Gray of SAMRC, said that the SAMRC Genomics Center will improve the ability to sequencing, analyzing and data storage of human entire genome, so that South Africa has the opportunity to enter a new era of medical research. On the 50th anniversary of SAMRC, the opening of the center is of great significance for its new level of research on a frontier high level.

(Source: Ministry of Science and Technology of China)

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