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He Shaoji's origin and the inspiration of modern calligraphy creation

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He Shaoji is a great banner in the history of modern calligraphy in China. As a well -known calligraphy everyone, "Sir in the study of learning, especially the text of the golden stone monument, the specific plain of the calligraphy, the ancient Zhou Qin and the ancients of the Han Dynasty, arrested the Six Dynasties in the Six Dynasties. The north -south monument, searched for more than a thousand species, all chased by the heart, Zhuo Ran became a family, and the cursive script is especially the crown of the generation. ... It is a compilation of the deposit stone. Dang. Qianjia returned, Tibetan gold everyone pushed the country's first country, and in "Jigu Zhai", there are still many righteousness. At the same time, Wu Pingzhai and Seng Da are subject to the test of the famous generations, and they are negotiated with them. Its essence is everywhere, and people must be added. In the Xiangyi school, if Mr., if you are a man, you can be described as the ancients, do not open the same person. "

1. He Shaochi and Overview of Books

He Shaoji (1799--1873), a native of Daozhou, Hunan (now Dao County), Zi Zizhen, No. Dongzhou Ju Shi, a warm nipple in the evening. The righteousness of the broad ape arms. Officials to Wenyuan School, Wu Yingdian's practice, studying politics and other positions. He has talked about Changsha Chengnan Academy and Dongzhou Cottage at Changgao Gao Pier. He is proficient in golden stone calligraphy and painting, known as the world, known as the first person in the Qing Dynasty. His calligraphy, four in the four body, both capable of size, and good engraving. Its regular script takes the broad and unobstructed air of the face, and is also mixed with the dangerous characteristics of the North Bei and Ouyang Xun and Ouyang Tong. , Make his calligraphy extraordinary. Xiao Kai also took the method of Jinfa. His script, the center of the center, and the pens can be mixed with the pens, and the grass pens are also self -contained. He Shaoji's calligraphy, in his early years, was beautiful, wandering between Yan Zhenqing, Li Yan, Wang Xizhi, and the Northern Dynasties. ; In his later years, the books of the people are old, and it has been a chapter of the elegant rhyme in the sand poetry. He is very talented, poetry, calligraphy, calligraphy and painting are all unique. , At the age of 74. He Shaoji is a very diligent calligrapher. He said, "Yu Xueshu has been divided into the source for more than forty years. The law of Kai from the Northern Dynasties is divided into the truth of the truth." I wrote more than a hundred times, and I didn't seek shape, and I all made my intentions. Then "grass, seal, division, and melting into a furnace, the dragon changes, unpredictable." There are still a lot of books to this day. Middle -aged concentration of northern monument writes a very strong personality with a wrist return method different from ordinary people.

Second, He Shaoji Calligraphy Art Traceability

He Shaoji's life creation has gone through three stages, that is, the nearby Ma Zonghuo said: "Early year -old Kai Zong Lantai" Taoist Monument ", Xingshu Zonglu Gong's" Struggle for Seating "," General Pei ", Junfa is strong, and small and less stop; middle -aged northern monument, especially dedicated to "Black Duke", Dao Zhen's calmness, late joy, Zhou Jinhan stone, all copy, integrate into the line of Kai, but self -made "home" The style of the different books of different books is also different. Kai Xing has entered a good realm in the middle age, while the 篆 and Lishi are in his later years. Looking at the scriptures of his book studies, it can be divided into the following stages. (1) When birth, he was surrounded by the depressed traditional cultural atmosphere. He Shaoji was born in Dongzhou Book House in the east gate of Daozhou, Hunan (now Yongzhou, Hunan). Daozhou was the originator of Confucian ancestors Zhou Dunyi (Mr. Yixi). As soon as He Shaoji was born, he was surrounded by a depressed traditional cultural atmosphere. In the enlightenment period, three key figures have a very important role in his growth. The first is his father He Linghan. He's one, the fragrance of generations, He Linghan "lost his uncle, lonely, and he was lonely. Scripture officials and households Shangshu. As the figures of orthodox Confucianism, He Linghan knows the principles of self -cultivation, Qi family, and governing the country. However, my father, respectful in his life, no words, and lawful. The taught children are strict, and they are established. "He Shaoji at this time" Kneeling was affected by Duan Shi, and he was as good as a new bath. From the beginning of the literacy, Heng Fei was a humiliation. "Although the age is small, the enthusiasm and consciousness of studying books are high. He Shaoji's book is still in the stage of reddishness and posting. The second is his mother Liao. Because He Linghan goes to Beijing as an official, the responsibility of supporting his children will inevitably fall into his mother. Prime Minister Zhuang in advance, bowed in person, wine bait, refined and advanced, several women equivalent to it, not like it. Diligence Qi Dang, Hui Zhou hid. The first -time prediction said: 'My family is fundamentally, in Ru mother. 'When this language is covered, it also smells it. "The mother is diligent and frugal, and the discipline of the children is a good mother. As a good mother, Chunchun induces her son's growth. It should be said that the fumigation of the good mother and the family is indispensable for him. The third is his uncle. He Shaoji's uncle Liao Xianrui (Endie), is also an intellectual. There are few fame in the township, and there are many collections in the family. He Shaoji seven years old and seven years old and his mother lived in the uncle's house. He practiced words and tried to cultivate his spirit of studying hard. He Shaoji wrote in the "Birthday Book" in his birthday at the age of 19: "When Yu Qi was three years old, he did not leave his mother. At the beginning of the family, he went north to Chang'an Street. There are four walls in the room, and the grain has no March. He resigned from the gate of the East Gallery and returned to the family. I look at it like my own son, yes, oh yes. At the age of six, he entered elementary school and praised the house. Give me a rabbit garden book, it is noisy. Carry out the fish net paper, and the pipes are graffiti. In the early morning, there was a walk, and the abstinence was cautious. Enter the tomb, and laugh at the child. Born my parents, the evil! "(2) In the early days of book studies (fifteen to 20 years old), He Shaoji worked in Sun Jingtang and Zhang Yizhen during this period. In 1809, he worshiped Sun Jingtang in 1809 and Zhang Yizhen was worshiped in 1817. He Shaoji took the road of a pavilion at the time. When he was 18 years old, he was able to write the "Museum style" of Zhurun ​​Zhurun ​​at the age of 18. For the exam, "the recording direction is not fixed. More than 600. In the Qing Dynasty, it was the most prosperous in Kangxi and Qianlong. Those who use them ... (3), in the middle of the book (20 to 59 years old) He Shaoji's understanding of book studies, he realized from the perspective of the history of book studies: "Zhenxing was originally from Li Duan division Wave, Ge Julu also begs to seal. "This is also the real starting point of his calligrapher on the road of calligraphy. Regarding this point, he is in his own poems, such as" Ape Apeng Weng "and" Downsay Li Bei Calligraphy Calligraphy In the Hua Temple Bei "and" The Taoist Monument ", this change on the road of calligraphy has extremely important significance to his future calligraphy achievements. He Shaoji stated in the "Book of Mr. Deng Stubborn Magazine,": "When Yu Twenty -year -old, he started to read" Said "and write words." "Said" was an important part of the Park Studies of the Qing Dynasty. The necessary knowledge structure for molecules, He Shaoji's study of "Speaking", is based on the needs of academic and research books. The research on "Said" has enhanced its understanding of the evolution of text and the development of calligraphy, so that it has established the path of studying the score of traceability. While studying the text, Shao Ji also started practicing words. Of course, the words at this time mainly refer to the small seal. The traceability of the sources is not a narrow learning, and then learned the body before leaving the body, but refers to the use of the meaning of the seal as its own aesthetic leadership and pursuit. Because He Shaoji learned from the scholarship, he especially loved Bei Bei. Why does he like Bei Bei especially? This is because the Bei Bei inherited the Han Li's brushwork. In order to find more Beibei to learn from the capital, he visited the monuments and Mo Tuo everywhere, and the purchase of Tibet was also very rich. During his lecture on Shandong Yiyuan's discharge, he learned that the "Heng Fang Bei" in the Eastern Han Dynasty was in Nakada, Wenshang County, that is, the county magistrate was told to move to the school palace. ". Search and study the Han monument in this way, and understand the true meaning of" Kaifa Pharaohashara ". s reason. When Zhang Shunhui wrote the twenty volumes of "Dongzhou Caotang Culture", he called He Shaoji "Each of the Han Stele to hundreds of people. In his later years, there was no similar in his later years. Its "all over the Han and Wei dynasties to a hundred and dozen times, the elbow was transported, and the heart chased the hand, and then became a family." He Shaoji wrote the "Huashan Bei": "" Huashan Stele ", Three books on the world are through my eyes ", and there are" daily lunch windows outline, two or three lines of quietness and cold ". For the North Bei who is in his hand, he always "the power of poor day and night, cantilever copy." Each copy of the copy must be concentrated on the fingertips, and he must be angry to write. In this way, I often feel tired when I can't write much. He thought he had obtained the secret of the unspeaks. Later, when I saw the senior Deng Shiru's score and engraving, I was shocked and felt that Mr. "got my heart first, and could not meet with his husband." The achievements of the predecessors aroused his aggressive spirit. Because he persisted for a long time and perseverance, "the defeat was unbearable"; because he "my arms were like a strong horse, they would not be able to renovate", dare to reform and innovate; because his "Kaifa sought from the northern dynasty to be divided into the true case, he was divided into the true case. "Xu", followed a unique road. His calligraphy in this period has gradually shown his unique style, and it has been considered a considerable impact on the position of Shuyuan. It should be pointed out that in the process of He Shaoji's calligraphy art, the enlightenment period, the early stage of the book, and the middle period of the book were not an absolute concept, but a period of relative interchange. In these three different periods, He Shaoji should study a large number of Tang monuments: First, due to the influence of his father He Linghan, He Linghan prefers Ouyang Xun, Shaoji should be stuck in Ou, Ma Zonghuo said that he "early years old age The regular script Zong Lan Tao Dao Da Tao is the reason. When He Shaoji was 38 years old, "Ting Countermeasures was also from Yanfa Book". He Shaoji had a profound book in his early years. He Shao's basic person also said, "Yu Youth also Xi Yales, at that time, the plain book; Plain. "Third, the influence of Yan Xingshu, according to its self -proclaimed:" When recalling the young man, Xilin's seat post. "Yan Zhenqing's" competing seat "had a profound influence on He Shaoji. In the three different periods, He Shaochi became the head of everyone. Calligraphy art, especially regular script and script, laid a solid foundation. Essence (4) In the late stage of studying books (after sixty years old), not only did he achieve extraordinary achievements, but more importantly, it promoted the deepness and deity of his book. Even Zhao Zhiqian couldn't help but sigh: "He Dazhou has the wonderful people of Tianxian, and Yu Shu can not eat with clothes, just ordinary people." Xiang Liao lectured in Chengnan Academy, daily less than interruption. Among them, the "Celebrity Monument" and "Zhang Qian Bei" are particularly deep, each of them is close to Bacquest. His spirit of hard work and perseverance has always been admired by future generations. He Shaoji I was studying, and he studied books in the first life. He was good at learning, thinking, and diligent in creation. He was a book, perseverance, and then seeking unstable, seeking artistic conception, creativity, and personality. Mr. Ma Zonghuo said in "Shu Lin Zao Jian" and said that his teacher Zeng Nongzheng Zeng Zeng praised: After He Zizhen was seventy years old, he "always wrote a danger, so he was unstable; the more unstable, the better. "He Shaoji's calligraphy in his later years has indeed achieved a melting ancient people. His script is transcendent, like a small ceiling, elusive; his liberal script is round, gentle and elegant, ancient and simple, with a strong golden stone flavor; Junfa Xiongqiang; his scriptures, with pen, look like withered vine, ancient and elegant; his cursive script, Long Xiangfeng dance, super entered into the god, he is integrated, self -containing charm. He Shaoji's calligraphy achievements finally made him one of the most famous calligraphers. His calligraphy practice is always worthy of our learning and borrowing. (To be continued)

3. He Shaoji calligraphy viewpoint and enlightenment of our calligraphy creation

He Shaoji lived for seventy -four years old. He was diligent in his life. The scriptures are based on the gods, and they do not use the distribution as the work. Those who are self -inferior to Zizhen also. "He studied in his life, and he was a book, with the heart, and sincerity. His calligraphy creation, his rigor, his innovation, his dare to be the first moral character, will always inspire post -school, to give future generations with heavy but often new inspiration: (1),,,) Pay attention to the connotation, reckless intentions, and the calligraphy is not heavy. He Shaoji believes that the book is "expensive and qi and blood". , Killing paper has a sound front and edge ". Especially when he realizes the" cantilever copy, to make the power of the waist, to know the fingertips, and you can be angry. " The secret. Because of this, when he saw Deng Shiru Li Li and the engraving, he said, "I am shocked to get my heart first, and I can't meet with my husband. In the poem of Deng Shiru: "Huairing Boye Deng Wanbo, the strange Qi Mountain has only contemporary, and the famous mountains are involved in the water, supporting the giant Xuan Gaoyu. . For the game and other games, Geng Gengyuan Jingshou Jinshi. "He Shaoji's calligraphy and Deng Shiru calligraphy are really related. The role of "bone" in calligraphy creation should exceed the "posture". Calligraphy creation should talk about connotation, bone force, avoid painting, and pursue the beauty of form, and finally cause it to be false. (2) Establish the correct calligraphy concept and attitude. He Shaoji believes: "The book is one of the six arts, and the scholars are not engaged in this. First," Mo Yanxiao enters the carved insects ". This involves the understanding and attitude of calligraphy. There are a lot of learning. Relatively speaking, learning books can be learned, not to learn books. However, as a art, calligraphy must have been struggling with people. As far as these people are concerned, it is not a "small technique" problem, but a lifetime struggle for life. The career. He Shaoji said, "The book is one of the six arts, and the scholars are not engaged in difficulties. "In the attitude of calligraphy creation," Mo Yanxiao is like a carved insect ". It can be regarded as "tea after meals". You can learn books and do not learn books. However, as an art, calligraphy must be struggling for it. As far as these persistent people are concerned, the connotation of calligraphy is far more than general understanding. Book art is an ideal, a career, and a pursuit. (3), the method of learning the book must be mastered, and it step by step. He Shaoji's calligraphy is strange and changeable, with both blood and flesh. His regular script. , Xingshu, Qi Shu, Lishu, Cursive Whatever Font written his own unique style, but looking at his life, his calligraphy practice is progressive and steadily advanced. ". He Shaoji was committed to learning Yan Zhenqing's regular script during his youth. According to his practical experience, he believed that" want to Xi Lu Gongshu, start with the regular law. "If you learn his" Seating Posts "from the beginning," falling into the clouds ". This is like a child learns to walk. If you sit and He Li will not want to walk and run, you will definitely fall. Why do I have to start with the regular law? This is because the script of the regular script is well prepared, and the eight methods are available. You can first learn the regular script and you can be proficient in the method of the writing of the pen. Bone; Kaishu is widely used, and learning can be practical, which helps to improve the interest of learning books; learning regular script can lay a good foundation for learning other books. He Shaoji also said: "Yu Xueshu started from the division. "This is not contradictory with the claims he mentioned earlier. The so -called" Yu Xueshu starts with the division of the scriptures "means that he as a calligrapher from the starting point of the calligrapher, not referring to his first school writing. Starting from the division, this is because the script of the script is more difficult to learn, and it is easy to have difficulty to retreat. Do not bother Guangyin? So, those who begin to write a brush word should start from the regular script and step by step, so that they hope to write the characters and achieve achievements. (4) Calligraphy creation should grasp the personalization and creativity. The generation is extremely recommended. "Taking Tang Kai as the sect", the core content is that he believes that the Tang Dynasty's book world has changed, and the Tang Dynasty scholars "change new ideas" affects his life of calligraphy creation. ", But never simulate and admire, he appreciates Su Dongpo, evaluating Su Dongpo is the real" get rid of restraints, led the real person, but the publicity of the binding scholars ". He is extremely criticized. He criticized the "Chunhua Pavilion" in the Song Dynasty. Third, the principle of his book was personalized and creative. The spirit of the creation of new ideas. He believes that there are often ways to come to God for leakage, folding stocks, etc., and it is not necessary to be expensive; if you want to do it, it will become a stagnation. "He believes that the four calligraphy of the Song Dynasty The real "get rid of the restraint, the one who led the truth, but the slope is the one". The calligraphy phenomenon of the restraint book artists is extremely criticized. The king of the king "has no book name," "The calligraphy of the" ten generations of ten generations of thousands of people is attributed to a moment, and the hook is out of one hand. " Those who can engage in hundreds of books ". Second, the king learned the blending of Fanfan, and the inspection was not fine. As a result," the official posts are more pseudo -pseudo ", and there are many errors. Fourth, "Thousands of Models are fascinating", "repeated mistakes, even more strikes" have caused a bad impact. Although "Chunhua Pavilion Post" has a significant contribution to the preservation and circulation of ancient law books, it is the biggest The disadvantage is to suppress the performance of personality and creativity. Therefore, He's all theory, cutting the key, is very incisive. We are now in the era of cultural prosperity. Creation emphasizes the publicity on the basis of tradition. Only by promoting personality can we continuously innovate and improve. "The scholar must stand on its own, and it aims to melt the ancients and become a family. "The so -called" self -formation path "," self -reliance portal ", and" self -made family "are all that to form their own unique and personalized calligraphy style so that others will know who fonts at a glance. Of course, it is not easy to reach this step. Looking at the position of the book garden, there are so many people who can also stand their own portals. Efforts. Otherwise, whether you learn "face" or "European body", so that you can achieve "following the Xiaoxiang", and the true point of falseness, "If you do not succeed in the door, this matter will not be involved in this matter. "If you want to" independent portals ", based on He Shaoji's experience, one must be solid, and the other must be uniquely settled, and the third must be stubborn. He Shaoji has laid the solid foundation of Yan Kai during the book. Applying the brushwork of Yili to the real behavior; in order to become a family, he resolutely switched to the wrist return method, and insisted for a long time. He was not afraid of difficulties. He also established his own courses in his later years. With this kind of stubborn and aggressive spirit and climbing the peak, the ability to accumulate for more than 50 years has finally become his own family. He pays attention to "Outreachment and Words". He Shaoji is a relatively comprehensive scholar. He is deeply pushed by the time. In the postscript, the beauty of calligraphy that talks about Jinshi text is precisely because of his love for Jinshi to further cultivate his monument's calligraphy thought. This is also the formation of his calligraphy style. We can clearly see from it. The close relationship between He Shaoji's calligraphy and the close relationship between Jinshi can not exaggerate that if there is no achievement of Jinshi, there is no one in calligraphy. With the necessary historical knowledge, geographical knowledge, should understand words, sound and rhyme, and other aspects of knowledge, including He Shaoji, which is not a full -all -study person in the inner calligraphy? In the history of Chinese calligraphy, He Shaoji has an extremely important seat. His persistence, his innovation, his calligraphy achievements affect and influence the latecomers. His origin, his calligraphy views, and many of the inspirations of us, such as the rigorousness of the attitude of the book, The comparative theory, the laws of books, etc., we can chew it in detail. It is true that He Shaoji as a calligraphy everyone, some of the views he put forward, especially in some aspects of the theoretical theory of calligraphy, still In questionable places, such as his original writing method, his north -south book assignment theory, he believes that books and sexual Taoism, and his popular books, etc. We should think and identify in their own books. 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