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Gu Genham knocks the bubble alarm! Investment chief: Bitcoin short -term may plummet 50%


Gugggenheim Partners Global Investment Chief Global Investment CaptainScott MinerdAlthough he is optimistic about Bitcoin for a long time, he recently alert that Bitcoin has risen too quickly, and the technical correction of rising more back in the short term will occur. It is expected that the price of the currency will be cut by half, and it will fall by 50% to 20,000 to 30,000 US dollars. Essence Scott Minerd said in an interview with "CNBC" a few days ago:

Given that Bitcoin has a sharp rise before and the market has shown signs of foaming, we think Bitcoin will face major adjustments.

A week ago, Bitcoin was stimulated by the listing of Coinbase, and the high rise of nearly $ 65,000 has a record high, but as of press time, the price of the currency has fallen to $ 53,000. He continued:

In my opinion, Bitcoin will fall to 20,000 to 30,000 US dollars, a decline of 50 %, but the interesting thing is that we have seen such a decline in Bitcoin before.

However, Scott Minerd believes that this is only a "process of bull market", and the price of Bitcoin will eventually look at 400,000 to 600,000 US dollars.

Scott Minerd Zeng at the end of last yearexpressAfter calculating the relative value of the scarcity and analog gold, the value of Bitcoin should be $ 400,000. Speaking of the time, it was fast, and on the same day when Scott Minerd commented on the same day, Bitcoin exceeded $ 20,000 for the first time. After several months, Scott Minerd shouted another miracle price, saying that Bitcoin still has a lot of room for rise, and it may eventually rise to"$ 600,000"

It is worth mentioning that Gu Genhan is actually one of the many institutional investors involved in the cryptocurrency field. In November last year, Guggenheim Funds Trust (SEC)submit applicationIt is hoped that the Macro Opportunities Fund with a scale of $ 5 billion can be allowed to have as many as 10% of net assets to invest in GrayScale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). It is reported that the application has been approved and officially took effect.

Legendary Fund Manager Bill Miller is also a well -known Bitcoin supporter. He has recently been recentlyexpressBitcoin soaring this year is not the "bubble", but the beginning of "to the mainstream". He firmly believes that Bitcoin's culprit in recent months will not fall into a bubble like 2017. However, Bill Miller bluntly stated that Bitcoin market fluctuations are inevitable, and the price callback is pure.