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Four family misunderstandings about pets, please transfer this article to every shit officer who fights with parents!

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These lively and cute pets, cute cats and dogs, seem to be a flood beast in their parents' mouths.

Hey, the brain hurts when it listen to

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I think it is necessary to talk about these misunderstandings and tell those parents who have all kinds of prejudice -pets that have various prejudices, really not what you want! At the same time, it also gives the majority of the martyrs who are opposed to pets to prepare shovel officials ~

Misunderstanding 1: Pet bacteria

Regardless of or not, I think everyone must have heard of "pet bacteria, and infectious people".

In the first half, I barely agreed, because there are indeed many bacteria that we humans do not have in the pet.

but! The diseases of people's pets are generally these types:

Gow -shaped worms, rabies, Bacteria, hook -end spiral, E. coli, Salmonella, etc.

Rabies have special vaccines

Let's talk about this bow -shaped worm. To infect the toxoplasma, you must have the following conditions at the same time:

You have to get pregnant

You have to eat the shit of pets that have been placed for more than 24 hours

Pets must be polluted raw meat

There must be bowworms in pet feces (after all, toxoplasma, pets will only be lined up once in life, almost the same as winning)

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Misunderstanding 2: Dare to raise pets when you are pregnant, don’t die

This is similar to the misunderstanding. I declare it here first. I want to say more about those who hesitate to abandon because of pregnancy:

You can also raise pets! Please don't give up easily!

Fostering, giving away, or even abandoning, the impact on pets will accompany their lives. If you are determined to be a pet -breed family, you should first do a "TORCH" check;

Secondly, the main infection of Toxoplasma is not in the dog itself, but humansRaw meat, or some unsolved and unslapped meat.

Pets regularly vaccine, deworming, and prevent problems before they occur;

Do a good job of inspection, scientific and reasonable dog raising, toxoplasma, and toxoplasma can not enter your body at all.

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Misunderstanding 3: Rabies will get rabies when they are caught by a dog

Speaking of this misunderstanding, my expression is basically as follows:

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First of all, people who suffer from rabies are generally caused by cats and dogs with rabies in the body. There is no rabies in the body of the cats and dogs raised at home!

The shoveling officers are all serious people, and dogs are based on the process.

To apply for a dog certificate is the first step, which is equivalent to the ID card in the dog industry;

Then, deworming, bathing, and vaccine must be the same as falling, and they are also eaten with qualified pets after high temperature, so as to ensure that pets exude healthyDog incensearomatic;

Regular vaccines do not have rabies in the body! No dogs have rabies, and those who are naturally arrested will not be infected.

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Misunderstanding 4: Pets are randomly diring all day long

This is a reason for being used by many parents as the number one reason to oppose pets. It's ..............

Unjust! Intersection Intersection Intersection

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The cat is born to the toilet by himself!

You only need to prepare: a cat sand pot (or washbasin), a bag of cat sand (if you can't find it temporarily, go to the school playground to jump on the sandy land to dig some sand, hahaha).

Then you will find that the goods will squat in the pot by yourself, dig pits, nest, and bury them.

Dogs, it should be a little troublesome, but after several training, people will also fix them to the toilet to go to the toilet! If you train well, dogs can still be like us, facing the toilet/squat mouth!

The above -mentioned reasons for the majority of parents are almost the same.

As for reasons such as more hair loss, expensive money, and demolition, I want to say:

Pack up yourself!

Earn more money by yourself!

Buy more pet toys yourself!


In fact, these misunderstandings about pets and pets are often because they do not understand each other.

So ... what you need to do is to lead them back, and the rest can be done by themselves by their own charm ~ Is there a shit officer who helps you prepare, and tell the editor in the comments below.