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Why do Zhou Xingchi and Du Qifeng make movies like to use him? Because it is easy to use!

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He was born in a professional actor and was originally mixed on the set. He was played as a group performance. But step by step to the supporting role of the gold medal, in addition to hard work, it is more important. Many people have acting skills, but they do not take it seriously because they are not starring. Lin Xue, a gold medal supporting role in Hong Kong movies, has a solid acting skills.

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A good movie must not only have a good protagonist, but more importantly, the supporting role must also be brilliant. It's like a pot of fish soup. Even if the fish is good, there is no good seasoning. Therefore, many movies will not only promote the starring actors, but also focus on the actors who emphasize the supporting actors. It can be seen that a good supporting role will make the movie a lot.

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For Hong Kong movies, not only the protagonists are brilliant, but also the supporting actors are also commendable. This is probably the reason why Hong Kong film fires in the years. Speaking of the supporting role of the gold medal, of course, Lin Xue also has his own place. I have to say that Lin Xue's image is particularly suitable for playing small characters. No matter how it is.

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To some extent, in addition to his own reasons, Lin Xue's success is the promotion of Du Qifeng and Zhou Xingchi. Lin Xue was actually native of Tianjin living in Hong Kong. When he first arrived in Hong Kong, he worked in an electronic factory. Later, he felt boring at work and depressed. He went to oil and hemp to work with fruit porters. Later, someone introduced him to do the field. Lin Xue's field affairs did very well, and he was resentful. He felt that filming was very fresh. Not only can you watch stars with money and eat box lunch, but also slowly interested in the movie.

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In 1986, Lin Xue met Du Qifeng on the set. Under his soft and hard bubbles, Du Qifeng finally promised to let him run a dragon in the movie. For example, he starred in "Dark Flower" and "Very Sudden".Du Qifeng was going to Macau to make a movie "Goodbye Alang" starring Liu Qingyun, but he was very nervous. Lin Xue took the initiative to find him and said that he did not want money, as long as he could play a box lunch. To the actor, from the beginning to the end, he played the role of a evil police officer in the movie. His efforts were trusted by Du Qifeng. Later, we could see Lin Xue's figure in the movies of Du Qifeng.In the movie "PUT", he starred in the role of a police officer. The film has been filmed for 3 years. He also fell again and again in order to make this movie. He didn't care about his head. In the end, he won the best supporting actor award with this role.

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And Zhou Xingchi also appreciates Lin Xue very much. We know that Zhou Xingchi has always favored the actors with distinctive characteristics. Of course, he will not let go of the actors like Lin Xue. He was helped by a ax that bombed his hair into a bird's nest by a cloud arrow.

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Lin Xue is like a good jeans, versatile, and can be matched with many gorgeous tops. Maybe he did not make a movie, but with his movie is more rich and layered, it can be described as icing on the cake.