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The Lakers are in the next city, Su Qun bluntly said: The finals that have no suspense since 2009

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The finals of the NBA continue, the Lakers battleMiamiEssence In the last game, many people lamented that the team in the east was indeed weak. After watching such a game, I believe most people still feel that. Because the Lakers eventually defeated the Heat 124-114. This reality is not surprising for fans. After all, after the last game, most people believe that the Lakers may sweep the thermal team. This reality proves the trust of the fans' strength in the Lakers. In fact, their strength is indeed so bursting.

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As the Lakers defeated their opponents again, the big score also became a 2-0 lead. For the Heat, it is basically a line of life. If the next game is still lost, then the Heat's journey this season is basically ended in advance. Because, the 0-3 backward team, NBA history, has never reversed the team.

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As some fans said, there are James,RalaidoThe joint defense of Davis and the Heat team is basically looking for death, and some commentators pointed out that such three people, as long as two people appear on the court, are enough. Judging from the presentation of the game, it is basically the fact.Because for the Lakers, their strength is showing the reasons when facing the Eastern team.

Perhaps this is why many people have been more optimistic about the Western teams before. Today, such things are highly likely to be reality. Many people also released their views on such competitions. for example,Well -known basketball commentatorSoviet group, Just said on the Internet; "Lakers 2-0, this is the finals that have not been suspeated since 2009. Davis actually played 40 minutes, James for 39 minutes."

For Su Qun, there are many games he have seen, because he is indeed a very senior commentator as a basketball commentator. In such a situation, Su Qun lamented that this is the finals of the most suspense in 11 years, so the result of reality is probably that.

In fact, I personally feel that there is not much suspense in the 2017-18 finals. At that time, the Warriors were in the sky, and the Cavaliers led by James reached the finals, but they were exhausted. In the end, they lost 0-4. As some fans said, James at that time was a lonely hero. But now James has Davis. Therefore, the situation is completely different.

At that time, James was in an absolute disadvantage; today James is in an absolute advantage. For James, it is also a feeling of Feng Shui. Objectively, if notDurantJoining the Warriors has won two championships in the past three years. For James, its personal championship ring may be more. Unfortunately, Durant's path has changed the status of James.

The Lakers are in the next city, Su Qun bluntly: The finals of the finals since 2009. This statement is basically the truth, but it also proves that this year's Heat team is indeed a bit weak. Similarly, it also makes people sigh again. After James leaves the east, it looks like the east is a group of heroes, but in fact, it is really just a vegetable chicken pecking each other. Compared with the strong strength of the west, the gap is still obvious.It can even be polite to say that the NBA of the season is actually the finale, but it is just a bad announcement.