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Doctor: Persist in jogging every day in spring not only protect the heart to promote metabolism, but also shake

In March of Yangchun, everything is glorious. In spring, people should exercise according to the characteristics of the climate and body to help the yang's hair rise and awaken the body after the "hibernation".

From a scientific perspective, running has a very good fitness effect. Here are some of the main health effects of running.

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1. Enhance cardiopulmonary function

This can have a good effect on both teenagers and middle -aged and elderly people. Young people insist on running and exercise can become more patient and promote the growth and development of cardiopulmonary. Middle -aged and elderly people insist on jogging, which is equivalent to adhering to aerobic exercise. Adhering to aerobic exercise can maintain and improve the function of the heart, and better prevent various heart diseases.

2. Promote metabolism and improve body shape

Running exercise can not only promote metabolism, but also consume a lot of energy, reduce the accumulation of fat, and achieve the role of weight loss. MM who wants to lose weight does not try it quickly? If you are weak and weak, you can try Jogging, appropriate running can help active metabolic functions, improve digestion and absorption, increase appetite, and help you increase your weight appropriately. In short, whether it is fat or thin, running can improve your body shape.

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3. Enhance the function of the function of the nervous system

Running can help eliminate, prevent neurasthenia, and let you restore "Yuanshen" faster.

Of course, the benefits of running are far more than that. When you are upset and the pressure is too strong, running is also a good way to vent.

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