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One Piece Chapter 1002 Intelligence: Four Emperors Fight against the new generation, Kaido and aunt attack Luffy


One Piece Chapter 1002 The Intelligence has finally been updated. After waiting for a week, the intelligence has not been updated. According to the previous situation, the latest information should be updated yesterday. Due to the reasons of Oda last week, the content of the intelligence in this remark is quite explosive. The whole process is a fighting picture.Four emperorsThe battle with the Evil Age continues. Intelligence is the first update, and there are not many content, but the battle screen has been hammered, and there are no other content.

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From the previous words,KaidoFaced with the big move of the three captains, Kaido showed a confident smile. This smile was similar to the smile of One Piece Roger's public execution. Kaido is indeed more and more confident like Roger. The three captains used to attack Kaido all over, Kaido did not evade, he directly affected their attacks, and then turned into a dragon, and entangled in the sky with the aunt.

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The newest title is the new generation of the Four Emperors VS. The four emperors refer to the sea emperor of the world and the aunts. The new generation undoubtedly refers to the five supernovas in front of them. The strongest representative of the new and old generations played a final battle. This war is about the belonging of One Piece's throne. If it loses, it becomes a loser. If you win, you can win the One Piece throne.

Kaido has become a dragon form. His attacking ability is divided into four attributes of wind and fire lightning. Kaido launched the "strange wind" attack.SauronBlock Kaido's wind blade attack with Yan Mo. Luffy opened the fourth gear for a long time, and he used the Great Ape King to attack Kaido in the form of the dragon.KiddLuo, Kira also launched an attack on Kaido at the same time, and Kaido was beaten by the public again.

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The aunt Four Emperor finally shot. She no longer stands on her sleeves. Kaido asked the aunt not to intervene, but the aunt did not listen to Kaido. What aunt hates the straw hat is the straw hat, she will not let go of the straw hat boy, the aunt useLei YunzusThe thunderbolt attacked Kira, Kira was hit, Luffy still used the big ape king gun to continue attacking Kaido, Kaido used the hot breath to counterattack Luffy, Sauron once again cut off Kaido's hot interest, since Sauron usedKishikimonAfter the move, it is much easier to deal with Kaido.

Luffy will actually use the "one -size -fits -all" flying dragon, the flame attacks Kaido, yes, this trick is Sauron's trick against the Dragon Horse. In the horror three weird sailing chapters, Sauron and the Dragon Horse war, and finally used a sword to defeat the Longma. ,,LuffyIs it open?

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Kaido quickly avoided Luffy's attack. He felt the breath of Yutian from the knife. After two decades, Kaido couldn't get out of the shadow of being chopped by Yutian. It was too big. He also saw the shadow of Yutian from the Nine Heroes of Chixiao, and now he can feel the breath of Yutian. The aunt turned on a full range of attacks, and the lightning fell from the sky, but Luffy was completely immune to lightning attacks.

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Luffy isRubber fruitThose who are capable, Thunderbolt is invalid to Luffy. Aunt also aggressive and asked Luffy. Why is Thunder's invalidity for you? Luffy bluntly, I am a rubber man, Kaido vomited Luffy with a flying dragon. Is the flame invalidated to you? Luffy is actually immune to the flames and toughness. Luffy finally used the Great Ape King to fight. The move between Kaido and the aunt was invalid. It seems that the era of great evil is temporarily dominant.

The latest information of One Piece is finally coming. I do n’t have a break next week. It ’s all fighting pictures. What do you think about this? Everyone is welcome to leave a comment below, the picture comes from the Internet, and apologize!