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Air conditioning repair | Air conditioning leakage? This method is used for thieves!

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After the air conditioner is used for a long time, everyone will encounter a lot of problems, which makes everyone feel distressed, especially the air conditioner leaks water. Next, let's briefly introduce the little tricks to solve the air conditioner leakage!

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1. The installation is not firm: the installation screws of the indoor machine are not stabilized. When the installation is not firm, it will affect the balance, which will cause the air -conditioning drainage pipe to lead to a high position on one side, which brings some difficulties to the drainage, resulting in dripping the air -conditioning machine body. question.

Solution: Due to the dripping problem caused by the installation of the air conditioner, you can re -calibrate the position of the air conditioner by moving the air conditioner and use the ordinary liquid level instrument to be resolved with the flat or lower the air -conditioner condensate pipe.

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2. Dew pipes: Because the quality of the insulation material on the pipeline is too poor or too thin, or it is not fully wrapped, when the inner refrigerant is passed, it causes knot exposure.

Solution: This is our common indoor pipe dripping phenomenon, when this phenomenon occurs.

We should first disassemble the adhesive tape to check whether the thermal insulation material is aging or installed. At the same time, the aging tape can be replaced to maintain the confinement of the copper tube.

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3. Poor drainage pipes: Long -term use of drainage pipes cause aging, relaxation or bending into wavy shapes, resulting in poor drainage, and local blockage.

Solution: Contact manufacturers or qualified air -conditioned maintenances to replace drainage pipes. Users can also buy an ordinary PVC fine pipe instead of themselves. However, some of the outdoor machines are difficult to build. In addition, it is more troublesome to remove the protective tape.

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The air -conditioning compressor compresses the refrigerant and releases the heat through the valve to expand the heat, and the temperature of the refrigerant is reduced. Of course, the doors and windows are closed.

Then the refrigerant flows into the indoor evaporator, absorb the heat of the indoor air through the contact with the indoor air through the contact with the indoor air, and then compress it and swell again.

The water vapor in the air will turn into water when it encounters a very low temperature, which is good to explain what the air conditioner leaks.

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How to solve air conditioning leakage

1. Fluoride in the air conditioner can relieve the dripping of the air conditioner, so the air conditioner should always pay attention to fluoride, which can avoid dripping.

2. The drainage pipe is very important for air conditioning. The aging of the pipeline is relatively easy to leak, so everyone should pay attention to replace the aging pipeline often.

3. Air conditioning displacement is also the cause of air conditioning dripping. Therefore, letting workers pay more attention to whether the air conditioner is installed correctly during installation.