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Is it better to use a tablet or digital board? After reading it, you will know

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No matter what painting is, the tool is the most important. Choosing the right tool can make you paint more easily and convenient. So how should you choose a digital board as a beginner? Here are some personal opinions.

How to choose a digital board?

Computer painting is already the most common way of painting, and computer painting needs to use digital boards.

One of the most important tools for painting, whether it is the original painting, or various types of illustrations, can be implemented on board painting. Compared to hand -painting, board painting is more convenient, and don't worry about drawing wrong. If you want to learn board painting, take a look at this article!

Digital board & handwriting board

Digital boards, also known as drawing boards, painting boards, hand -drawn boards, etc. are a type of computer input device. It is usually composed of a board and a pressure -sensitive pen. , Are targeted at certain groups.

It is mainly for design, art -related or advertising companies or vector animation producers. We see illustrations and animation movies and TVs. Those realistic pictures are achieved through it.

Many people mistakenly think that the handwriting board is a digital board. Although the two have the same thing, they are also very different. Handwriting boards can replace the mouse and keyboard, which can be used for text, symbols, graphics and other inputs. It can also provide a cursor positioning function. It can be understood as an input tool.

What problems should I pay attention to?

For painting, the pressure sensing of hand -drawn board is the main parameter, as well as coordinate accuracy, reading rate, resolution, etc., which are very important. These must be paid attention to.

There are three levels of hand -drawn board (digital plate) pressure sensitivity, which are 512 (entry), 1024 (advanced), 2048 (expert). The larger the pressure sensing value, the more obvious the thickness and thickness of the lines show.

Common resolution is 2540, 3048, 4000, 5080. The higher the resolution, the higher the painting accuracy of the board. The more delicate the lines drawn, the more resolution of the film -level production.

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Therefore, you still have to choose according to your own situation. Personally, you recommend novices to choose up to 1024. In the same size, I personally like bigger, which is relatively convenient. Among all the digital boards, the WACOM brand is recognized by the public. Since its establishment in 1984, it has provided quality for the development of Japanese anime.

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It is mainly because the cost performance is relatively high, about four or five hundred, the thickness and weight are very nice, which is convenient to carry. At the same time, it can reach 1024 professional pressure sensitivity. Individuals are intended to its wide display, and the free space is relatively large.

In the later period, adjustment should be adjusted according to your own painting level. Several mainstream brands currently on Digital Panels are WACOM, Youji, Gao Man, King of Painting, and can be compared according to the parameters.

Although it is important to say that tools are important, technology is the key. No matter what style of painting is painted, we must keep improving.