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iOS 15.1 Cheyote jailbroken progress, change the root SSH password

Regarding the news of iOS 15.0-15.1.1 Cheyote jailbreak, there is again today, pay attention! It is just the news instead of publishing the news, but it is also very close to the release. The Coolstar God God of Cheyote's jailbreak core is also busy recently and wait patiently to be released.

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I mentioned the day before yesterday! Coolstar has solved 14 problems, and there are 3 problems to be solved, including:

  • Fix Dyld Hook
  • Fix the error of restarting the user space, so there is no need to intervene manual intervention
  • Make sure to inject normal work in the App Store Store app app
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Later! COOLSTAR has re -edited the progress of this announcement, and adds two of the completion and one problem supplement. I generally organize it to make you know.

  • Break the sandbox
  • Get ROOT permissions
  • Get the file system read/write access right (except for rootfs, it is also rootless)
  • Break AMFI / CodeSign
  • Run the shell command
  • -Elief discovered: FORK () is destroyed on A12+
  • Fix the fork () on A12+
  • -Adf the error: Dyld hook
  • Run Openssh
  • Let the traditional (Odyssey) laminchd inject work
  • Increase USB Ethernet debugging support
  • Start the user space and restart
  • Start Cheyote recovery work
  • After the user space is restarted, the system service is correct
  • -Adize errors: You need to intervene manually, you must first run the command in Cheyote recovery
  • Provide a bounty for the IOS 15 adjustment to be installed
  • Adjust the operation in Springboard
  • Change the root SSH password
  • Improve Cheyote recovery


  • Fix Dyld Hook
  • Fix the error of restarting the user space, so there is no need to intervene manual intervention
  • -Stereer: You can use options instead of SSH in Taurine recovery instead of SSH
  • Make sure to work normally in the App Store Store app app
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Three that have not been resolved before, Coolstar is being solved, and shows the "Cheyote Fix" option on Discord to restart the space page.

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Obviously! It's smooth now, so! iOS 15.0-15.1.1 If you want to jailbreak, you must keep it. Do not upgrade. For the iOS 15.2-15.4.1 system, it is recommended that you wait for October to see it in October, it may not be released from jailbreak, just hope that there is hope, patience and wait.

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About iOS 14.4-14.8.1 system, I think it! It is recommended to keep it. After all, the iOS 14 system has a roots in jailbreak. After the jailbreak is released, it is also supported by many plug -ins. It is not recommended that you upgrade. Once you upgrade, you cannot be downgraded to the iOS 14 system. Regardless In the future, you will also think about how to downgrade to the iOS 14 system, so why don't you keep it!

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Probably these contents, in other words! Is iOS 15.0-15.1.1 Is it helpful to you? Please comment.