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There are no "mothers" in TVB for more than 50 years.

With the development of the Internet era, a lot of new words have been derived, such as "Mother's Cannon". The word does not appear in any dictionary, it means that the netizens themselves: the man who describes the mother's sissy, the preference is the same as the woman, that is, the maiden gun is actually equal to the sissy.

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Starting from last year's "Idol Trainee", a fanatic idol style has been set off in China. Many boys and girls have been fascinated by idols who can sing and dance, sneer, and thick makeup on the stage. At the same time, it has also attracted more and more artists and netizens to criticize this phenomenon. They believe that men should be tough and should not be so mother -in -law.

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In fact, as early as the prevalence of Hanliu, the domestic atmosphere was filled with the idol chasing the "mother cannon". However, from that time, there is one place that has not been affected by this trend, and has always identified its own style. This place is the entertainment industry in Hong Kong.

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Over the years, the entertainment industry in Hong Kong has always maintained its own unique style. Male artists on TV are always masculine, and female artists are mostly intellectual and elegant. Even if the outside world's Korean stream and Japanese are prevalent, it has not affected and has never changed.

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Since the founding of TVB, it has gone through more than 50 years, and it has also won a lot of heavenly queen. Although its influence is not as good as before, as long as it talks about Hong Kong TVB, Hong Kong people will still have a thumbs up. So why can Hong Kong's entertainment industry adhere to its own style for so long, but the Mainland is affected by various cultures?

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First of all, acting strength and professionalism are one of the most significant signs of Hong Kong artists. In Hong Kong, whether they are office workers or artists, they have a serious attitude towards work. Even if they are big stars like Gu Tianle, they will do their best to play the best as long as they take over the script.

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Secondly, almost all artists in Hong Kong have their own distinctive characteristics, and rarely have the same situation. Compared with some heavy makeup idols in the Mainland, the male stars in Hong Kong dramas may not look so handsome, but they all have the unforgettable traits. In addition, they will be loved by the audience over time.

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In Hong Kong, celebrities who can be popular and can be climbed up by strength. Unlike the hype artists prevailing in the Mainland, once the image collapses, it will fall to the bottom and it is difficult to turn over. Therefore, although TVB is not as good as the past, their principles and styles are worth learning from the entertainment industry in the Mainland.