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18 -day prison 3 million iOS7 equipment Pangu team jailbreak details are the first public

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China News Service, July 16th. The iOS7.1.1 Perfect Jailbreak Tool released by the domestic jailbreak team "Pangu" was released in less than 20 days. More than 8.84 million people have clicked on the jailbreak button on the website and made 3 million iOS7. The X device successfully escaped. What's more interesting is that before Apple officially released the 7.1.2 version, some users have achieved the new version of the jailbreak through the perfect jailbreak tool released by Pan Gu. Independent security researcher Windknown announced the data at the SYSCAN360 security conference just held today.

Pangu team publicly disclosed the technical details of iOS7.X jailbreak technical details

On July 16th, the 2014 SYSCAN360 International Foresight Information Security Conference hosted by SYSCAN, a well -known Asian security organization Syscan, and China ’s largest Internet security manufacturer 360 was held in Beijing. China’ s first “Pangu” team member Windknown, a member of the “Pangu” team who successfully jailbroken iOS jailbreak, China. At the meeting, the Pangu team was a perfect jailbreak.

The security issues of the iOS7 system have always received much attention from security customers and fruit powder, and the use of the security vulnerabilities of the Apple system for "jailbreak" is one of the topics that fruit fans are most concerned about. At the meeting, Windknown introduced the details of code signature, kernel information leakage, and kernel memory covered three vulnerabilities. And demonstrate how to write overflows on these vulnerabilities, so that Pan Gu Vietnam prison can survive on the user's iOS device. After the release of perfect jailbreak tools, Apple Security researchers have tried to understand the details of jailbreaks. Interestingly, according to the server access information released by Pangu, IP visits from Apple were still from Apple at two in the morning.

At the first session of Syscan360 two years ago, Windknown shared the topic of lectures on the iOS kernel vulnerabilities manually discovered, and shared the basic knowledge of the iOS kernel, and how to find the iOS kernel vulnerability provides detailed technical suggestions. Essence The long -term research on iOS system allows Windknown to share the details of jailbreak with gold.

At the meeting, Windknown and the participants also discussed multiple details such as complete open source and jailbreak process. In the last month, in order to achieve perfect jailbreak, Windknown only slept only five or six hours a day, or even slightly slightly mild neurasthenia.

According to the organizer of the conference, Windknown is currently focusing on the security research and application development of the OSX/iOS system. Before that, he also had many years of Windows system security experience. His main research field covers the security, vulnerabilities, rootkit, virtualization technology of OSX/iOS/Windows system. He gave a speech at XCON, POC, SYSCAN, SYSCAN360 and other conferences.