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Hashimoto Qiao Ben Double Head Beauty Instrument Evaluation: Young Code Book, let me return to Girls' Generation

At the age of 25, for three years, high -load work makes the body feel obvious exhaustion, and the state of the skin is getting worse and worse. There is still less than 3 months of watching the marriage. Although skin care products are continuously used every day, the effect is really not ideal. From time to time, I saw a variety of medical beauty advertisements. The budget and the medical beauty accidents that occurred were prohibitive. In order to let yourself welcome the most important days in life in the best and most beautiful state, when the Tanabata is approaching, my husband also bought me this Qixi Festival gift-hashimoto qiao's two heads for me. Beauty Instrument.

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Although I don't know how he saved these private house money, this gift really made me love it. After using it for a while, I feel that there are obvious effects. Good things must be shared, so I will introduce some of my experience here.

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Let's first briefly understand the brand of Qiao Ben. Qiao Ben is a Japanese beauty brand. He has entered China in 2019 and has been in China for 3 years. This brand focuses on light fashion brand electrical appliances that focus on beauty. The products advocate the beauty and simplification as the beauty. This can be a little bit of the product's outer packaging.

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Product opening

Open the packaging of Qiaoben's double-headed beauty instrument, which contains beauty instruments, 1 bottle of large gel (use of allergic skin), 3 bottles of small gel (normal skin), charging cable (Type-C type), and manual.

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The overall beauty instrument is a nude color matching, without extra lines, simple and simple appearance, and coincides with the concept advocated by Qiao Ben. Different from the smart home with a sense of science and technology, the Qianshi double -headed beauty instrument is more like a decoration on the dressing table. The back of the beauty instrument is the charging port and charging indicator, and the long silver strip is induction.

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The biggest feature of Qiao Ben's double -headed beauty instrument is that one machine is multi -purpose. Through the dual -guided head design of the Japanese patent, one end of the radio frequency instrument, and the other end is a face -lifting instrument. A beauty instrument integrates two functions.

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The thicker end is a radio frequency instrument. From the appearance, it can be seen that it is the design of the eight -level electrode. The storage is a magnetic storage cover.

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On the other end of the fuselage is a face -lifting instrument, and the storage of the roller storage is used. The face -to -face meter uses two EMS 3D roller chart heads. The roller -guided head uses the design of the 3D diamond -cut surface, which can be closer to the face to achieve a better face loss effect.

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The middle part of the fuselage is the switch button of the machine and the only button. The up and down key is three types of operation modes. Long press the button to turn on. The short button can achieve different modes of switching. At the same time, each mode has two gears to meet the different needs of everyone. It is very easy to operate.

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Friendly reminder: Before use, wash your face, apply gel, and then use the beauty instrument. After the beauty instrument is used, wash your face and skin care.

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Face -to -face use

A pair of EMS 3D rolling heads of the face -lift instrument can perfectly fit the face outline of the face through the design of the 3D diamond -cut surface. The angle of the two roller heads is 58.8 degrees. Through the bottom up, two guide heads can effectively pull the jaw thread. Because there are more overtime, drinks such as coffee during overtime, so wake up the next day, the face will be a little edema. Through the face -to -face lift, edema can be eliminated. At the same time, with the EMS intermediate frequency micro -current mode, it can drive the muscle autonomy of the face, and then increase the firmness of the face. Because the EMS intermediate frequency micro -current mode has no side effects, it can be used every day. In addition, the EMS intermediate frequency micro current can also stimulate the face generation of ATP, accelerate the production of collagen, and help me return to the Girls' Generation.

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RF use

The frequency is the guarantee of the effect. The larger the frequency, the deeper the skin level can be achieved. Usually 1MHz reaches the epidermis layer and barely contact the dermis layer; 2MHz can reach the depth of the dermis layer.

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The radio frequency adopted by the ingenious RF is 2MHz. While easily reaching the dermis layer, the fixed frequency also ensures the stability of the effect, so that each layer of skin rain dew is stained, and the same energy effect will be obtained. Formulating.

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When using the RF meter, the face will feel warm and numb. This is because the radio frequency instrument uses the 8 -pole electrode design, and the inner and outer rims of the positive and negative spreads of the magnetic field can work more stablely to the subcutaneous tissue. And with a large touches with 900mm有, expanded the fitting area with the face.

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There are two modes of radio frequency header. The first is RF RF +Microcar EMS +red light light skin rejuvenation mode. The combination of radio frequency RF and micro -current EMS. The warmth is just right. The crispy numbness. Fully drive the activity of the facial muscles to promote the stimulation of collagen and rejuvenate the bottom of the muscle. With red light therapy, you can repair damaged skin and reduce the pores to tighten the skin, making the face look younger.

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The second is the activation collagen mode of RF+yellow light. Huang Guang decomposes the dull pigment of the face. With RF RF, it can improve the dull face and shine on the skin. It can also improve a lot. Setting fine lines to help return to the girly muscles.

Because both RF mode will destroy collagen cells and stimulate collagen regeneration, it cannot be used every day. It is recommended to 2-3 times a week.

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The half -sided face repair can be completed in 3 minutes, and there will be a vibration reminder. For those who are not very strong in time and concept of my time, they are very friendly. The point is that it will be automatically closed in 6 minutes. The cheeks on the side are all 3 minutes, making the repair effect more average, and the sides look more well -proportioned.

After using about four or five times, you can still see that the face is less than before, and it is even more q. As long as you persist to ensure the schedule, the effect will definitely be more obvious.

Summarize:Hashimoto ingenious double -headed beauty instrument, simple appearance, simple operation; face -to -face meter plus radio frequency instrument, one machine top two, the effect is significant, the cost performance is higher. Although the marriage is close and the skin is still recovering, with this intimate gift, I believe that I will definitely meet the most important day in life in the best state.