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Ethereum Community Supports Exclusion of ASIC Mining Hardware

Pushing for the use of 'ProgPoW' algorithm

Ethereum Community Supports Exclusion of ASIC Mining Hardware

The Ethereum community is taking a stronger stance against blocking ASIC chips, with Martin Holst Swende, the security manager of the Ethereum Foundation, expressing his support for quick action to exclude ASIC mining hardware from Ethereum at a developer meeting on Friday. Swende is working with other core developers who share the same idea to prevent ASIC chips.

ASIC Mining Hardware ASIC Mining Hardware

Since Bitmain announced in April that they had completed the Ethereum-specific mining chip, some developers believe that such products will affect mining profitability and reduce the number of participants. At Friday's developer meeting, Swende proposed that the Ethereum code update should use the "ProgPoW” algorithm, which is the same principle as PoW but does not allow ASIC chips to gain an advantage in this algorithm, and non-ASIC chips can gain more profits.

Ethereum Mining Profitability Ethereum Mining Profitability

Some developers have also suggested that the Ethereum privacy cost optimization upgrade by Antonio Salazar Cardozo can be implemented together with the ProgPoW software conversion in subsequent hard forks.

Ethereum Hard Fork Ethereum Hard Fork

However, core developers Pawel Bylica and Alexey Akhunov expressed doubts about the ProgPow proposal, saying that further research is needed to explain how it achieves its goals. The co-founder of ProgPow, "Def," also emphasized that deeper research is needed to achieve the best results.

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