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Purgatory Soul Soul Artifact Introduction: Artifact hurts the second monster in the hand

Each game will have its own exclusive artifact, of course, "Purgatory Soul" cannot be lacking. As the saying goes, the artifact is in hand, sweeping the arena, and the injury of the second injury is not a matter. Every time you get a weapon, this weapon may evolve a skill, and some weapon skills will definitely let you reverse the war. So now I will take you to enjoy the unique artifact in the game!

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[Broken six days palace, forged artifact]

Players can obtain various types of artifacts by challenging the six -day palace every day. Players have three opportunities for free challenge every day. Only after clearing the previous levels, they can continue to challenge the follow -up level. The higher the level of the artifact, the higher the level.

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[Four major artifacts, very different attributes]

First of all, there are four types of artifacts, each of which is an additional attribute of independent equipment:

Critical attack -a percentage increases the chance of crit, a minimum bonus of 5%. Let you experience the thrill of a knife crit, the clearance of the second monster is a matter of minutes

Block -a percentage increases the block probability, with a minimum bonus of 5%. In the arena and PVP discussion, if you want to mix well, blocking is essential. Regardless of your big moves, small moves, blocking the blood again and again

Toughness -increased toughness and reduces the chance of being criticized. In PK, if you encounter high crit, low toughness is a miserable, the basic knife has a critical strike, and the blood is depressed to vomit blood

Hitting -the percentage increases, reduces the chance of being dodge.

With ordinary artifacts, of course, if you want advanced artifacts, artifacts in the game can be upgraded. Use a certain number of artifacts of the same type to upgrade to improve attributes. Every player has the opportunity to obtain his own unique deeds by constantly forging! Kill the world boss with your brothers and capture the city together!