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Heroes have been waiting for a long time! "Dark Hanging" iOS new version is about to go online!

As the world's only dark placing mobile game "Dark Hanging", it is highly restored to the Diablo series, which perfectly reproduces the classic game values and game frameworks. It is regrettable. Today, the new version of iOS has finally been launched in the call of everyone. The richer game content. The intimate hanging gameplay will combine the interaction between players to usher in a new wave of dark games. Let Xiaobian introduce the core gameplay and update content of "Dark Hanging", so that more people can see the charm of dark games.

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The occupation in the game retains the barbarians, Amazon, Paladin and female mage. Among them, the barbarians are melee occupations and the main attributes of strength; Amazon is a long -range occupation. The spell damage and physical damage in skills complement each other. Its main attributes; the Paladin is more focused on auxiliary meat shields, and the main attributes are physical fitness. The female mage is still a profession that is good at spell attacks. Most of the skills are group skills, and at the same time, they have some performance in spell resistance. Her main attributes For energy.

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There are many types of equipment and props in the game, which are dizzying, but they are all useful. Players need to use their own minds to use them to play the maximum effect. There is a sense of accomplishment that allows players to experience God -level equipment and turning decay into magic.

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The most mysterious copy system, each copy map is randomly generated, so that you will always feel fresh, and those familiar bosses in the copy often guard the amazing wealth and the artifacts of the sky. The world is famous in the game, and it is invincible.

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In addition, there are task systems and value VIP systems, so that you not only have the gaming experience of running clouds and flowing water, but also enjoy high -quality services for high -quality people. Get up to join the Dark World and revisit the classics for ten years.

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