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After the 90s, she would wear it again, but her height was only 155! Netizen: I always thought she had 170!

In the first season of "The Great Mrs. Myster" last year, have you ever watched your friends? The play tells the story of a housewife after a housewife in the 1950s, and the self -conscious awakening of self -consciousness, struggling to become a rare talk show actress!

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This American drama is very exquisite in terms of clothing or color! Coupled with the plot is very attractive, it has received a high score! As long as you watch this drama, you will be deeply attracted. Although the hostess in the play is a housewife, it is very delicate. Whether it is wearing or makeup, beautiful. The retro wear inside has also become a textbook for many people!

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The actor who plays Mrs. Messel is a post -90s actress in the United States, Rachel Bosnahan! Before she starred in "Mrs. Mrs. Matsur", she ran for 9 years. This year, with her outstanding acting skills in this drama, she successfully won the best actress of the 70th Emmy Award at the end of this year!

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The awards were she, wearing a red dress, her exquisite makeup, fair skin, and humorous thanks, let us see Mrs. Meshel again!

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The 90 -year Rachel, whether it is figure or face value, looks perfect. She has a good acting skills, and she can wear it outside the scene. Just watching her dress is a kind of enjoyment! But an actress who can wear it like this, height is only 155cm tall.

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When looking at Mrs. Mesur, she thought she was at least 170cm tall! In this drama, she likes to wear various colors of coats and dresses, and uses comparison colors, the same color system and other matching techniques to be full of exquisite retro style. Anyone who has watched this drama should know that her figure is still superb. These wear, now they look fashionable and exquisite!

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Because of this Emmy Award, Rachel's real height was shocked again a lot of netizens! Not only I thought she was at least 170 tall, but also many netizens had the same opinion and I had the same opinion. Some netizens even suspected that her height was not 155, but 175!

A picture tells you that she is indeed 155cm tall. Wear simple sweaters with jeans, flat shoes, and at first glance, a petite sister paper!

Although Rachel is only 155cm tall, she will wear it. Whether it is in the play or outside the show, it can be called a small child wearing textbooks! Very worth learning for girls below 160!

One, 28 -eight -eight -eight -eight -eight -eighth method

Two and eight divisions, super suitable for small children! You can use strap pants or jumpsuits, tube top dresses, etc. to create this way! Rachel wore a black V -neck shirt with a plaid tube top dress, embellished with a black belt, and black pointed high heels. He tall looks at least 170! The most concise and fast and fast thing is to wear a strap jumpsuit directly!

2. V -neck dress long skirt, thin and high

Rachel is also very good at using the V -neck dressing long skirt to achieve a significant effect! V -neck will visually stretch the neck, combined with long skirts on the waist, make you look at least 170! Rachel wore a wave dot jacket, velvet long skirt, and printed long skirt. It is all V -neck. The skirt must be waist or high waist. Do not choose a loose dress without waistline!

3. Printing jacket long skirt at least 10cm high

Rachel also likes to wear a printed dress. She wearing a printed skirt is very elegant and retro. Choosing a printed skirt has a certain skill. You can choose the first set of printed skirts worn by Rachel, the vertical flower pattern, which can lengthen your height, with silver pointed shoes, exquisite and elegant! Or the small print pattern with a waistline now, do not choose a large print pattern! The bigger the pattern, the same as that, the same reason as it is to put small furniture in the small room!

Fourth, the same color matching of the old age is thin and thinner

The same color matching is significantly high. I believe many people know this technique! Rachel wore a vertical striped top with vertical striped wide -leg pants, pointed high heels, intellectual and capable. The combination of vertical stripes and the same color system is even thinner! If you are in trouble with the same color, you can buy a complete suit directly, just like Rachel, wearing a whole set, blue suit, white pointed high -heeled shoes, capable and intellectual, and very aura!

Fifth, top+high waist and semi -long skirt, absolutely thin and high

Rachel rarely wear a half skirt, and wearing a half skirt must be a high waist and long skirt! Her two -sets of private clothes look, both with high waist -long skirts and pointed high heels. Although the shooting angle is very tricky, it looks like a very good figure, especially the long legs! The small man wants to be tall, and the short skirt can be worn, but there must be no long skirt even higher!

After watching Rachel's highly tall dressing skills, have you learned? Some small details must pay attention to: the small girls should not wear more than 2 colors, and the shoes should be pointed as much as possible. Rachel's shoes are almost all pointed shoes because it is high!

The second season of "Mrs. Mether" has been filmed. Looking at these Reuters photos, you can feel full of exquisite retro style. Will bring us a tutorial! Looking forward to the second season!

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