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Anjou RF beauty instrument: erase the traces of the years, reveal the secret of maintenance

Heart of beauty in everyone. On the road of pursuing beauty, women can say that they are all strong. Especially when women are going to enter the critical stage of 30 years of age, pay more attention to maintenance and beauty, so as to make youth stay forever. I have heard a teacher say, "When do you start maintenance, your skin may stay." This sentence has given me a lot of touch. In fact, it is really the same. The earlier maintenance, the younger the maintenance can be. If you wait until the forty -year -old neck lines, fish feet, and decree pattern are deep, you will really never go back.

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Sometimes, we care not only this face, but a state of vitality. Therefore, in this age, in addition to using masks, essences and some daily cosmetics, I also bought a lot of beauty instruments or equipment, such as blackheads and cleansing instruments, which can also be considered their characteristics and functions. With many years of beauty experience and experience, I recently chose an Anjou radio frequency beauty instrument! The official publicity "8 minutes every day, the whole face is rejuvenated." So is there such a magical, let's feel it together!

I fell in love at first glance, and I was amazed as soon as I opened the box!

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When it comes to beauty instrument products, I thought the packaging box of the product would be based on the packaging style of many electronic products, with white and intuitive design.

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On the contrary, the packaging box design of Anjou RF beauty instrument is very low -key and restrained, and it also reveals a strong luxury style.

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When you see the box at first glance, you don't even think that this is a beauty instrument product, but a high -end jewelry box.

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Open the box, we can see that in addition to the beauty instrument in terms of accessories, there is also a power adapter, a base and a user manual.

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What needs to be pointed out here is that the Anjou RF beauty instrument is a combination of physical experts at home and abroad for product research and development, and has a number of patented technologies. The user manual is full English, full of international models. But for domestic consumers, it is best to add Chinese content, which is also convenient for consumers to use and understand.

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Only when you are beautiful, can you love it!

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Let's experience the design of the ANJOU RF beauty instrument. It can be said that the ANJOU radio frequency beauty instrument product is very delicate and elegant as a whole, full of lines, as if a luxurious European princess.

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We can simply divide the products into three areas: the massage guide area of the top, the function of the fuselage, and the charging area at the bottom.

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There are seven metal massage films above the massage guide area, which is presented in the shape of the petals. Below is the emitting area, which can emit red, yellow and blue light during operation.

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The lower position of the massage head is the three LED mode indicators, which represent the RF & Sonic mode, REJ mode, and EMS mode. Going down is the gear LED indicator, we can see that each mode has a total of 4 gears.

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The three physical buttons below are the keys used for function and mode operation. It is worth mentioning that above this button is inlaid with diamond decoration, which is very luxurious. Bling bling under the refraction of light, a woman will fall in love with it at first glance. These three keys are light switching buttons, gear selection buttons, and power/mode switching buttons from top to bottom.

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Familiar with the basic functions of the product, let's introduce the color light for everyone. In fact, different color light represents different effects and functions. The color of light is mainly due to different wavelengths. Red light can promote the production of collagen, activate cell activity to dilute wrinkles and fine lines. At the same time, by promoting blood circulation, the skin restores the skin to rosy Q bombs from the inside to outside.

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Simple and convenient operation, beautiful moment online!

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For those who are sensitive to the skin, we can use an appropriate amount of essence on the inside of the elbow, turn on the instrument, select the mode and select the gear, and massage the part for 2-3 minutes with the instrument.

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Wait 48 hours if you can use it normally.

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When we use, we first need to clean the face. Then apply an appropriate amount of essence or toner on the skin.

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After turning on, we close the skin of the beauty instrument according to our different modes. Then slowly move on the skin to massage.

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When using, we remember not to perform this smear massage at will, but conducts guided massage. For example, I have a effect of a thin face, which can be lifted from chin to ear roots.

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Of course, when we use it, we must also pay attention to that if the skin is allergic, acne, or wound ulceration, try not to use it. Special periods such as physiological period, pregnancy, lactation, etc. are also best not to use.

A variety of nursing modes, beauty effects.

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After holding the power button for 1.5 seconds, we entered the EMS mode by default, and the lights were red & blue light. Press the mode switching key to enter the ReJ deep SPA mode, and the default light is red & yellow. Press the switch button twice after booting, and the default light is red.

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Each mode has 4 gears. We can adjust according to our different situations and skin tolerance. Use 4-8 minutes a day in each mode. It can get better results and reduce the frequency of use in two weeks.

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It is recommended to start with the low -grade when used for the first time to give the skin a process of adaptation. After the habit, gradually increase the gear. It is recommended to choose the R & S RF Ultrasonic Mode into the nutrition when using it, and then choose other nursing modes.

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When using it, we can massage according to different areas. Each area stays for about three seconds. Remember not to let the beauty instrument stay on the skin for too long, so as not to cause the skin to burn the skin.

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We can droop the corners of the mouth, and the decree pattern is obvious. The REJ deep -layered SPA mode is used to improve the face firmly. Use the R & S radio frequency ultrasound care mode to care for the corner forehead wrinkles. At the same time, you can also use the EMS firming mode to exercise the small muscles on the face.

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The cleaning of the beauty instrument is also very simple. After using it, we can cut off the power first, and then wipe the guide head with a wet towel or wet cloth. However, because the instrument is a precision device, remember not to use water directly to rinse it to avoid damage to the beauty instrument.

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Time is irreversible, and youth is difficult to return. We all want to stay at the best moment, but the time is a pig -kill knife knife. Now that summer is coming, our oil secretion is strong, and the pores are rough, rough, and dull and dull. After a period of use of Anjou radio frequency beauty instrument, we can clearly feel that it can improve the gloss and hydrostatic skin of the skin. Degree, promote pore contraction, and enhance skin elasticity. It is believed that long -term use of neck lines, decree patterns, crow's feet have a good elimination and prevention effect.

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In general, the Anjou radio frequency beauty instrument has many highlights, LED color light care, photon skin rejuvenation, original REJ finger rotor frequency, Multi-RF multi-pole radio frequency, etc., can activate collagen, deeply rejuvenate the skin, fight aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, caress the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, caress the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, touch the aging, caressing the aging, caressing Signing on the year. Not only that, in addition to the face, we can also take care of our arms, waist, feet, legs, hips, palms, etc. It is really a multi -machine, many functional modes, come to a whole body SPA! Every beauty who loves beauty is worth trying ~