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Home Aesthetic Grass Guide to Female+Living Tanabata Gifts

The birth of the home beauty instrument always gives people a sense of mystery, plus the veins, electro -ions, radio frequency, ultrasonic, etc., which seem to be unintelligible at all. With many female warriors with many "soldiers and soldiers", we can collect comprehensive trial reports, and finally come back to choose the right product, not a gimmick, it is really useful!

One picture reads the home beauty instrument

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The frequency of various beauty technologies:

Ion function can be used daily,

Ultrasonic function is used 1-2 times a week

Microcar function is used 2-3 times a week

Infrared can be used daily

LED 1-2 times a week

RF radio frequency 1-2 times a week

The list of instruments here will make people doubt. Since there are multiple instruments with multiple attributes, what do you need to do with a single attribute. Generally speaking, the beauty instrument with multiple effects is saving and saving, but it may not be comparable to a single feature of a single function. For example, Ya-Man RF-EX has a micro-current function, but the current strength is much smaller than Nuface or the current strength or Refa Carat is not so strong. This needs to do more and more deeper homework when choosing a product, and then it depends on personal endurance and choice.

What kind of beauty instrument to buy depends on where the demands are:

  1. Only pursue ordinary skin that strengthens daily cleaning and skin care products: Hitachi N3000

  2. Ordinary skin that is only pursuing firming effects, does not want to use in plug -in: Refa Caat

  3. Z only pursuing the firming effect (light) mature skin: zogankin

  4. Based on 1, the pursuit of firming anti-aging (light) mature skin: YA-Man HRF-3

  5. Based on 1, (light) mature skin that emphasizes the improvement of skin tone: La Menta G7+

  6. Pursuing pursuit of tight anti -aging to improving skin quality: Arrivo Ghost

  7. Pursuing the same 6, but the instrument hopes to be cheaper: CLIONE

Hitachi N3000

Keywords of the effect: Strengthen cleaning, improve import and absorption

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Many water wash masks feel that there is no egg after washing on the face. In fact, it is not that the mask has no effect, but because the skin absorption ability is too weak, and it does not absorb the active ingredients. The skin after using the instrument becomes tight and full, with immediate effects.

Steps for usage

The first mode -warm cleaning mode

The dirt of the ion exports the pores is recommended to use oil -free lotion, sliding against the pores

The second mode -warm moisturizing mode

Fine oscillating and vein signals, combined with lotion, make the moisturizing ingredient completely penetrate

The third model -warm mask mode

Use lotion or mask massage

The fourth model -refrigeration mode

Used on the cheeks, nose, forehead and other contraction and firming pores

The role of N3000 in daily care. While completing basic cleaning, efficient introduction can improve the absorption of skin care products.The effect is very stunning, and the composition of skin care products is relatively high. After doing it, there will be a feeling of soft and delicate water with a full face, which is better than the feel of the hand. In summary, the export effect of ions is not commented. The implication effect is great. In addition, it can be used daily, so that the skin stabilizes in a state of good feel is not a problem.

Yamen will lift

Keywords of the effect: strengthen cleaning, improve the introduction of absorption, eye care, muscle stimulation collagen regeneration

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If it is cost-effective, it is even more recommended by Yaman HRF-3 that Japanese girls love—— Add EMS function to the function of N3000, and the upgraded version of EMS muscle electrical stimulation combines the dual binding of low -cuts that stimulate surface muscles and deep -layer muscles to stimulate deep -layer muscles, so that the expression muscles are doubled and collagen regenerates. Effectively pull tight facial lines.

In addition,Yaman HRF-3 also adds eye care functions. The use of ions into the beauty essence into the eye base is used, promoting the microcirculation of the eye cycle, and alleviating the eye bags and dark circles to fade the fine lines of the eye. Therefore, compared to N3000, Yaman HRF-3 is hundreds of dollars, but it is valuable.


Effect Keywords: smooth and firmed, lifted up

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The Refa Carat is classified in the EMS technology in the table above, mainly because the Refa Carat uses microcrofan technology (only 38 micro -'an). It applies low -frequency microcircular stimulation by rolling the skin to imitate the natural muscle activity of the human body. , Repeatedly soothing and contraction, so that the delicate muscles under the skin are mild exercise, and the effect of tightening is achieved.

REFA CARATThe biggest advantage isNo need to charging electricityCollect light through solar panels to generate micro -current, so it is more convenient to use it at any time.

If the lymphatic massage of the face and neck of the face, the face contour is really clear. But it is still not a one -and -for example, you need to persist. In addition, it is not afraid of water and can be used in the body when taking a bath. Although the shape is high -level, the function is too single and the cost performance is not high.

Nuface trinity

Keywords: edema,, wrinkle removal

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This Nuface is the first microcircular handheld facial tiers(That is, the saying goes, the "radio wavelapi") is certified by the US FDA, and you can buy without a doctor's prescription.Ultra -microcircular wrinkles and beauty instruments have the four major effects of moisturizing, repairing, anti -wrinkle, and wrinkle removalEssence According to the data, the most important theoretical cornerstone in Nuface's technology is because the same actions are repeated for the skin for a long time, making it "memory". Nuface sends a mild and safe micro -electrical pulse energy for important parts, thereby stimulating the production of skin collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, conditioning skin tone, tight skin, and helping the skin to redefine the youthful texture.

Although its effect is not comparable to the professional machines of the medical beauty clinic, it is enough to be a home instrument.

Talk about massage glue

Nuface massage has a thick texture, and it is not very comfortable to apply. Many people report that it will easily closing or causing acne and replace it with aloe vera gel, which is much more comfortable. Reminder in the process of using, if the glue on the face is killed, it will affect the effect, so once the glue is killed, you should replenish it! This is very important not to pull out more wrinkles.

Regarding the frequency of use: The official recommendation is at least 5 times a week in the first 90 days, 90 days, about 2-3 times a week.

After so long, I feel that at the beginning, I still have to stick to 4-5 times a week, and then the effect can be maintained twice a week.

About the effect:

When used for the first time, the result was indeed effective! I can feel that the face is more firmer than before, and it seems that the edema is discharged. When the face is small, it feels like a thinner, and the facial features look more three -dimensional. Of course, the effect will be slowly come down the next day. If you can persist 5 times a week, the effect can still be maintained for a period of time.

Dr. Arrivo Ghost

Keywords: super import, anti -aging firming fine lines, skin rejuvenation, whitening, acne

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Is it necessary to start with Arrivo Ghost?

You said that the N3000 was strengthened, the carart tension, the slimming machine accelerated the recycling metabolism, these are not repeated with the effect of Arrivo Ghost?Although the purpose is consistent, different technologies, different settings, and different frequencies of machines can reach far.

The same importance, ARRIVO has the pores of the pores, so that ions cannot import the skin's polymer ingredients (such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, placenta and other good things) can directly import the skin of the skin.The import rate of effective ingredients is 27 times higher than the introduction of ions.The electronic ion technology used in N3000 is completely incomparable.

For another example, the RF function used in medical beauty is also reflected on Arrivo. Just to operate safely, the frequency of home beauty machines will be much lower than that of medical beauty machines (ARRIVO is 90kHz).

Then there are three -color light of LED, red, yellow and blue,Anti -aging, whitening, acne removing acneThe requirements can be met and more comprehensive.

Summarize Dr.ARIVO, it is not a basic beauty instrument, so there is no export and import function that everyone is familiar with, and the effect of the lifting effect is not particularly obvious. At least, there will be no Ya-Man after half of the face. It is so crooked, but it cannot achieve the overall improvement of the skin on the skin. The gloss, firming, and smoothness, in short, is the overall improvement of the skin. If the basic beauty instrument is compared to eating and drinking, then Dr.ARIVO is bird's nest Cordyceps.

Therefore, if there are other beauty instruments on hand, Dr.ARIVO is not conflicted at all. Of course, in addition to the one -time investment of the machine, you also need to buy the essence of cooperation with it. In the future, it will be a fixed expenses, and you must also consider it.

Those who are still worried about gifts can choose a home beauty instrument as a gift. The girlfriends who pay attention to skin care should like it!

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