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Speaking from the beauty instrument Tripollar, talk about Radio Freq

Tripollar beauty instrument

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Tripollar is a beauty instrument that I like very much. I have repeatedly recommended it before. I bought it for some years, but if I insist on using it, the effect is still immediate. Compared with Stop, my true love is Tripollar Pose. A home instrument that is completely inseparable is a "V -faced artifact" that I personally experience it.

Tripollar Pose is a body used on the body. It mainly focuses on fat reduction and shaping. The output power of the POSE is 2.5A, the STOP is 1.5A, the energy of the Pose is almost double the energy. I can obviously feel the firmness on the body to make it obviously. Effect, of course, it is unrealistic to lose weight. It can only be an auxiliary effect.

However, I like Tripollar Pose not because of good effect on my body. After all, it is too tiring to get a trip on my body. I have n’t done a few times in total, and I ca n’t stick to it.

I like Tripollar Pose because it was found to be used during the test during the test. I am a person with a fleshy face. The long meat is easy to grow on the face, especially the double chin, and near the jaw, which causes the lines to be blurred and seriously affect the beauty.

The main look of the face is the most important line of the lower face. Most people are not only losing collagen, but usually the skeleton becomes wide and flat, fat accumulation, dermis layer collagen is lost, and fascia layer collagen loss composite factors.

If it involves surgery, it usually takes the tentae of the town of the head to suck the fat and put it on the apple muscle forehead.

Of course, surgery is surgery after all. If it is not serious or early prevention, I think I can try the Tripollar Pose. On the one hand, it can reduce the excess fat near the jaw. The relaxation of the mandibular width will have a good effect. Of course, if it is because of the large mandibular mandibular bones, it is definitely invalid.

Tripollar Pose officially cannot be used on the entire face, preventing some fat loss such as apple muscles, but it is also clearly stated that it can be used for double chin in the chin jaw.

Tripollar Stop is an instrument used on the face. The main function is to remove fine lines and improve skin texture. I do n’t have any fine lines. If you insist on using it, the status of the entire face does improve. It is naturally more used to prevent aging. Tripollar Pose has the effect of making the round chin with a sharp chin.

The aging of Asians is very different from the aging of Europeans and Americans. Asian leather layers are thick and do not like to bask in the sun, wrinkles have not been our most serious aging problem. However, the Asian skeleton is flat, and the distribution of fat is piled up on the face. Steak is our worst aging problem.

About specific operations and how long is effective

My use area: Tripollar Stop full face + Tripollar Pose chin chin, thigh, belly, back waist, worship, pair of milk.

Official suggestion frequency: 2 ~ 3 times/week, and continuous use for 6 to 8 weeks. I use it the next day.

It should be noted: Tripollar Pose is relatively high, high -end and hot. Do not use it on your body or face to start to high -end. Starting from low -end, the skin can be accepted and slowly increased. I have not used it for 6 weeks in a row. There are always various things (mainly laziness) that lead to interruption. I usually see the effect once the next day. I can actually see the effect in a week. It ’s gone for a full set for an hour. When you use it, you can plan the use of time (practice English listening, read TED, listen to sound books, watch a series, etc.) Otherwise, it is really boring.

Of course, the effect I said is based on the state of controlling diet and persistent exercise (3 times a week). It is impossible to rely on machines to complete fat reduction and shaping alone. Any instrument, skin care products, health products, etc. are auxiliary supplies. The foundation of the effect is based on a good state of dietary life. Don't imagine that with high -tech, you can indulge in life.

Effect sorting:

Double chin lower jaw line V effect> Body skin firmness> Moving facial skin improvement> Facial fine lines improvement> body weight loss, reduced specific size

Newa vs Tripollar

I personally do n’t start in NEWA. The main reason is that NEWA has only facial instruments and no body instruments, and the brand has repeatedly emphasized Controlled Heat and security. The energy feeling should be relatively low (the specific values have not been found), not containing me the most What is needed is the fat reduction function, so it does not meet my requirements.

Second, EndyMed 3DEEP and Pollagen Tripollar are essentially similar technology. They are Multipolar (Bipolar variants). The NEWA has three sets of bipolar electrodes.

The depth of RF into the skin depends on the distance between a set of electrodes. Pollagen Tripollar and Endymed 3DEEP innovation are used to use multiple sets of electrodes to enable RF to enter different depth of the skin. Stop and NEWA should not be designed too deep.

Tripollar Pose, as a body instrument, should be designed deeper, otherwise it cannot be exposed to the fat layer. The value of the household instrument is unable to compare because the NEWA cannot find it, and the large medical instrument, Apollo Tripollar Pologen and Endymed Pro 3DEEP power are similar, 1 MHz, 50 ~ 65 W. Two.

Generally speaking, the principle of NEWA and STOP is a small instrument. You can start according to your preferences, but many specific parameters of NEWA currently have unclear parameters. Only firming instruments that have no fat reduction, which is less attractive to me. Of course New products appear, then another saying.

Simply talk about radio frequency

RF stimulates skin collagen regeneration through heating dermis layer. The world's first FDA -certified radio frequency skin tightness instrument is thermage hot Maggie. It was originally called thermacool. It has evolved to the third -generation Thermage CPT.

Monocular radio frequency

The current released by a single -pole radio frequency from the generator flows through a single electrode (head) to the front end of the head. This is also the position of the maximum resistance. The occurrence of resistance will lead to the generation of thermal, and the dermis tissue will be heated as a result. The current will return to the ground wire or return the pad (connect to the user's lower back or abdomen), and return to the generator to complete the circuit.

Representative instrument:

Thermage Reba Maggie

Ellman Pelleve

Cutera Trusculpt

Exilis elite (single video+ultrasonic)

Bipolar radio frequency

Dual -pole radio frequency refers to a device with two electrodes.

The current of the current released by the bipolar radio frequency flows between the tissue flow between the two electrodes of the generator's head, so that the start and completion of the current will occur between the two electrodes. Therefore, the bipolar radio frequency is no other part of the body flowing over the body, so there is no need to use ground lines or return pads.

Representative instrument:

ACCENT ALMA Deep Blue Radio frequency ordinary version

Moma Lums

Aurora SR Syro/Candela


Ematrix Syneron/Candela

Etwo Syneron/Candela

Reaction viora

Whether it is a monocular or bipolar radio frequency, the heat is caused by the resistance, not the thermal force of the electrode itself.

The three -to -multi -pole radio frequency is not a new type of radio frequency. The principle is that there are single and bipolar heads at the same time, which can be operated by the single and bipolar at the same time, or create a multi -sets of bipolar electrodes. Reaching different depths, there are many 8 pole radio frequency.

Representative instrument:

Endymed Pro 3deep

Tripollar Apollo

Venus Freeze

Disappear btl aesthetic

There is also a relatively special one, and at present, the popular hot La Timi took out the order and said:

Alma Ultra V hot Lati

Using unipolar radio frequency to deeply penetrate the fat layer, Unipolar can penetrate deeper like Monopola. Bipolar bipolar radio frequency heating a relatively shallow dermis layer, combined with ultrasonic waves, is also deeply penetrated into the fat layer. It is a good machine, but it is currently being promoted to Relati = ultrasonic knife+hot Maggie+fat -dissolving needle.

The ultrasonic and Ulthera's ultrasonic is not the same thing. The Ultrasonic of the Herrati acts on the fat layer for fat loss, and Ulthera's ultrasonic layer is used for facial relaxation. The RF mode of Relati is also different from the hot Maggie, and it cannot be simply analogy.

The Herrati is mainly used in the body in Europe and the United States to reduce the body, and the face is used to deal with hybrid problems with excessive facial fat and other facial fats such as double chin. The ultrasonic knife acts on the fascia layer, and has no fat loss effect. Children's shoes with thin faces are not suitable for hot Lati.

What are the differences between bipolar radio frequency and single -pole radio frequency

The most different part of the bipolar radio frequency and the monocular radio frequency is that the same aircraft head contains positive and negative electrodes, so magnetic waves do not enter the body deep, and the magnetic wavelet of the monocular radio frequency can be penetrated down the skin. Single -pole radio frequency can be deepened by 10mm ~ 20mm, and bipolar radio frequency can only penetrate the skin by 2 ~ 4mm.

Single -machine radio frequency energy is strong, and the skin is deep and the effect is significant, but the pain is very high. Some consumers even ask for sleep anesthesia to do hot Maggie. It is said that the baby is 10 pole pain, and the hot Maggie is 9 pole pain. And stand -alone radio frequency is relatively difficult to control. If it is operated by insufficient doctors, the heating temperature is too high to cause heat damage, the current is through the whole body, and the risk factor is greater than the bipolar radio frequency.

Bipolar radio frequency is safer and low in pain, but there are two disadvantages of bipolar RF: one is that it is far inferior to the deepening of the skin than the single -pole RF, and the other is that it cannot be issued as a uniform and complete large volume like a single RF The instrument factory is usually combined with various other technologies, such as:

Ematrix, E2, Syneron/Candela: Fractional or Fractionated RF and bipolar radio frequency binding

Infini, EPRIME SYNERON/CANDELA: combination

Polaris, Aurora, Velasmooth Syneron/Candela: bipolar radio frequency combination with semiconductor laser and pulse light

Endymed 3Deep, Tripollar Apollo, Venus Freeze: Create a multi -set of bipolar radio frequency to enter the different depth of the skin

Aluma, Lumenis: binsea and negative pressure control, etc.

Selection of RF instruments

Each instrument brand has its own exclusive patented technology. Except for the well -known hot Maggie, Relati, the rest of the brands such as EndyMed have 3DEEP, Viora has Core (Channeling Optimized RF Energy), Exilis Elite has Energy Flow Control (EFC). and many more.

Although the single -pole radio frequency energy is high and the penetrating power is strong, most bipolar radio frequency has the combination of the combination of photoelectric microcontrollers to increase the overall effect. Therefore, the industry does not have a unified conclusion that the instrument is better.

Generally speaking, it is the strongest effect of hot Maggie in terms of tight Maggie, but the pain is prohibitive. It also has a good effect at once. The rest of the bipolar radio frequency requires multiple courses to achieve the ideal effect.

The epidermis problems such as acne pits, EMATRIX pixel radio frequency, Alma Pixel RF/Plasma, Infini gold microneedles are more targeted and have the effect of Lati.

If the body is shaped, Vanquish BTL Aesthetics, Exilis Elite, VelaShape is more popular.

I am not a professional plastic surgery doctor. If you have any errors, please point out properly.

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