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Internet celebrity beauty instrument frozen age challenge: Yameng, Tripollar, and notime super comprehensive comparison evaluation

[PConline Evaluation] I believe that when every girl sees the beauty of the stars on the screen, she can't help but envy and jealous, as if the years have never left traces on their faces. But he was always called "Auntie" on the road? Stay up late every day, the whole face is so embarrassed, telling everyone that they are only 25 years old and no one believes.

Especially with the increase of age, the collagen in our skin is actually accelerating the loss, and it will not be well maintained. I am afraid that the rest of our lives can only spend the time! So is there any way to stay in the face, frozen aging like stars?

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Today we got three very popular beauty instruments, namely Japan Yaman Yameng Radio frequency beauty instrument Hongguang Bloom, Israel Tripollar RF beauty instrument STOP, NOTIME ultrasound beauty instrument, it is said that beauty instruments can help our skin back to back "Girls' Generation", is it really so powerful? We invited the three amateur sisters to participate in our "frozen age" beauty instrument challenge. What is the effect of using these three Internet celebrity beauty instruments? Let's wait and see.

1. Do you really know these three very popular brands?

The three brands of Yaman Yameng, Tripollar and NOTIME are from Japan, Israel and France, respectively.

Yaman Ya Meng was founded in 1978. The first listing beauty instrument company in Japan has been focusing on the development of beauty technology in 41 years. From the initial commercial medical equipment to the currently popular home beauty instrument, thousands of Japanese beauty salons are in Japan. Following Ya Meng's device, this professional background can be said to be the authority of the industry. Ya Meng is one of the earliest brands in the Chinese market, leading the boom of beauty instrument and gaining a large number of reputation. Many female stars are the fans of Yaman, such as Dili Reba, Zhou Dongyu, Lin Yun and Qi Wei.

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The research and development of Israeli medical beauty equipment represented by TRIPOLLAR is also a leading worldwide in the world. Pologen, which focuses on beauty electronics, is produced and produced. Pologen is currently a well -known global light and medical laser company Lumenis. Acquisition.

Many people are still very strange to it. At present, we are still confused about this brand. It is said to be a beauty instrument brand from France. The official website of English, and the official flagship store has no introduction to its own brand, so we believe that Notime is temporarily fried "pseudo -foreign cards". How the actual effect remains to be inspected.

2. How to choose, first see if there is an authoritative agency recognition?

I believe that everyone wants to have a good face, but after all, the beauty instrument is directly acting on our skin. It must not be able to accommodate the difference, and the price of thousands of yuan is the most important thing for safety and effectiveness. So before choosing a beauty instrument, we have to see if they have authoritative testing and effect certification endors.

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Tripollar is of course indispensable for security certifications such as FDA and CE in Europe and the United States. In addition, there are related clinical report literature on the external network. It is still guaranteed in terms of safety and effects. Related testing and certification.

Compared with Tripollar, Ya Meng Hongguang Bloom is mainly concentrated in Asia, including Japan's largest RCT testing agency Japan Clinical Test Association, as well as the Dermatology Department of the Sichuan University of Sichuan University, one of the five major dermatology laboratories in China, all did The clinical effect test is relatively targeted to Asian skin.

Notime is the Internet celebrity beauty instrument that has only been popular recently, but what we can find at present is the recommendation of some Internet celebrities and beauty bloggers. Authoritative testing and certification are not available.

From the perspective of authoritative testing and certification endors, Ya Meng Hongguang Bloom and Tripollar Stop are more scientific, and what is the actual effect of notime, we still hold a doubt.

3. Technical analysis: What black technologies did frozen aging use?

Ya Meng Hongguang Bloom, Tripollar Stop, and NOTIME Children's Machines are all RF RF beauty instruments. What is RF RF technology? What can radio frequency have on the skin? Here we will introduce it to you in detail.

The reason why our skin is aging is mainly related to collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis. The RF radio frequency technology is to generate tissue thermal effects by transmitting high -energy electromagnetic waves (3KHz ~ 3000GHz), allowing fibroblasts to be heated and activated, and promoting the reorganization of glue protein in the dermis, thereby achieving the effect of firming the skin and diluting fine lines.

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Ya Meng Hongguang Bloom uses exclusive patented dual -ring circular radio frequency technology (the practicality of this patent will be mentioned later). It is just a perfect cooperation with the "destruction and reorganization" of the dermis layer, and cooperates with each other to better activate the skin's collagen proliferation. In addition, the red light also has the effect of lighten the pigment to brighten the skin color.

NOTIME Tongyan Machine also uses the function of ultrasound in addition to RF RF technology. Ultrasonic is a strong source of energy penetration and aggregation. It can also promote collagen regeneration. Our skin can rejuvenate youth. In addition, it also has a microcirculation and red light function in different modes. Notime can be said to collect the common functions of beauty instruments.

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Tripollar uses multi -polar radio frequency technology, which can be understood as multiple bipolar radio frequency. Many small current circuits are generated between multiple positive and negative electrodes, allowing energy to heat the dermis layer and stimulate collagen to reshape and regenerate.

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However, it should be noted that the more electrodes of radio frequency technology or the higher the temperature, the better. The most important thing about radio frequency technology is to depend on the distribution of effective energy to determine the effect. How to look at the energy distribution of RF beauty instrument? Don't worry, we will reveal them one by one below.


Beauty instrument appearance, charging design, frequency frequency head, temperature control, gel comparison

Fourth, amateur "frozen age muscle" develops: YAMAN, Tripollar, and Notime RF Beauty Instrument Challenge

1. Appearance and charging design:

The three beauty instruments have super high value in appearance design. The line design of Ya Meng Hongguang Bloom is smooth and natural. From a distance, it is like an elegant woman with a small waist. The weight of the battery is slightly heavier than the other two feel.

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Tripollar's appearance design is a fashion trophy. The deep treasure blue of the whole body shows the atmosphere. You can never see that it is actually a beauty instrument. In terms of lines, the corners are very clear, but the mirror protection cap at the bottom is relatively stunned.

And notime looks very pink and full of girls, but it is the largest in the three beauty instruments. It is slightly inferior to the design sense. It is a bit like a girl version of "Shaver"? But the overall three beauty instruments are beautiful in the eyes of girls.

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Charging form: Yameng, notime can be charged with USB, wireless operations; Tripollar needs to connect to the power supply

Both Ya Meng Hongguang BLOOM and Notime are wirelessly designed, which is very convenient. It can also charge USB, which can be charged everywhere. The Tripollar needs to be connected to the power supply to the power supply to the power supply. It seems inconvenient to carry the problem because of the problem of the trailer.

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2. Frequency head: Ya Meng patent dual -ring round design, Tripollar quad -like magnetic head design, notime electrode area

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The design of the radio frequency head is closely related to its energy distribution. Among the three beauty instruments, the smallest contact area of the frequency head is Tripollar. It is a design of four polar bumps. It will have obvious dissatisfaction with the skin. It is the most uncomfortable touch among the three beauty instruments. In addition, because of the point -like design of the frequency head, the distribution of energy release after contacting the skin is uneven, so the operation method needs to be continuously circled, and the whole process takes 20 ~ 30 minutes.

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The design of the radio frequency head of Ya Meng Hongguang Bloom is relatively special. It is the design of the large ring set of small rings. The care head of the facial skin contact is specially polished. It is the most comfortable touch among the three products. It is much larger, and the energy distribution is more uniform and effective. The full face operation time is only 6 minutes.

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Notime's nursing area is the largest of the three beauty instruments. It uses a large -scale electrode in the central area and the surrounding four -small electrical -level design, but the material of the electrode is worse than Ya Meng. However, although the area of its contact is the largest, the energy effects passed on are very unaware.

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3. Temperature control design

As mentioned earlier, the radio frequency technology stimulates collagen regeneration through high -energy electromagnetic waves to generate tissue thermal effects, but the temperature control in the radio frequency beauty instrument is very critical. Some research documents show , The temperature of the epidermis layer exceeds 43 ° C, there will be the risk of burns or fat dissolution.

We tested the temperature of the three beauty instruments using infrared thermal imaging instruments. Considering that the use of each product and time is different, it may affect the measurement data. We use the third gear to stay for 1 minute and 4 minutes of testing in the test of the measured data.

1 minute: Yameng 41.5 ° C, Tripollar 40.5 ° C, notime (ultrasonic firming mode) 35 ° C

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4 minutes: Yameng stopped operation, Tripollar 43.5 ° C, notime 36.2 ° C.

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Summary: As the staying time is longer, the temperature produces the three products is getting higher and higher, and the instrument is stopped operating when Ya Meng has an induction temperature control setting when it exceeds 42 ° C. Above 43 ° C, and Notime has maintained lower 30+ degrees Celsius. According to the Tripollar use time, if the operation is improper, it may cause the local temperature to be too high, and the NOTIME has always maintained a lower temperature radio frequency effect.

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4. The ingredients and texture of gel: The gel texture of Tripollar and notime is sticky, and the quality of the elegant gel is hydrated

When using RF beauty instruments, we will all emphasize it to be used with gel. Why? In fact, radio frequency gel is equivalent to the "small guards" of our skin. On the one hand, it can protect our skin surface and avoid the strong energy of RF to burn our skin. On the other hand The heat environment allows RF energy to achieve the effect of promoting collagen regeneration. Therefore, I want to use the RF beauty instrument to develop a "frozen age muscle". In addition to examining the technology of instruments, gel is also an important inspection part.

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Among the three RF beauty instruments, the gel of Yameng Red Bloom has obtained the national CFDA certification. It is safe and can be used as a skin care gel. Very gentle, sensitive muscles can also be used, including hyaluronic acid, collagen, neuroplasma, and retinol palmate moisturizing ingredients. It is applied to the face, light and refreshing, not greasy at all, not stuffy. In addition, the tight ingredients of the plant are extracted, which helps to shrink pores and repair the bottom of the muscle. The disadvantage is that the gel is easier to absorb and dry, and it needs to be added halfway.

The other two gel textures are sticky. Among them, the gels of Tripollar Stop are the most sticky, gel -like, and the ingredients are mainly glycerin, white beeswax, glucose lide. Snake, preservatives, sodium benzoate, and viscous increase agent Kabham. It is precisely because of a thickener that the gel of Tripollar Stop is more difficult to push away, so the amount will be saved.

The gels of the first two are officially equipped. It is not recommended to replace it with other gels. In addition to the official distribution of gels, the Notime Tongshou machine can also be used with other gels or aloe vera gels. The official dedicated gel composition is mainly glycerin. In addition, the illetin is added. Similarly, we also found the thicker Kabham in its component table, so the gel texture of the notime family is also sticky.

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5. Comparison of coating form: Yameng is squeezed on the radio frequency head, Tripollar and notime are painted

After understanding the gel composition of the three beauty instruments, do they have any highlights in the form of gel?

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This is the most convenient form of Ya Meng red light BLOOM. Squeeze the gel directly to the radio frequency head, and then use it to use it. The gels of Tripollar and notime need to be applied to the face first to use it. Compared with Ya Meng Hongguang BLOOM, it is more complicated, and the cleaning is more troublesome. There are gaps on the frequency head, which is easy to leave the gel residue. , Not well clean.

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Yameng, Tripollar, Notime RF beauty instrument use effect

6. Use experience: 6 minutes of Ya Meng's face, Tripollar's full face for 30 minutes, notime shock is too strong

From the perspective of the operation process, it takes only 6 minutes to use Ya Meng Hongguang BLOOM to nursing the skin, and half a face for 3 minutes. After half a face, there will be a voice to remind you to use the other side. It is very intimate. And because the ITC mobile sensing temperature control is configured, it can maintain the constant temperature of the skin epidermis 37 ~ 42 ° C, which is very comfortable in the temperature experience. In addition, you only need to select 1 and 3 squeeze 4 to pull up in the operation method. The gel can be used directly on the radio frequency head, which is more worry -free.

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Tripollar's use time is relatively long, because it is more than 4 minutes for each part, and the full face takes nearly 20 minutes, and it is sour. It is always inconvenient to drag long lines when using it. The four -point magnetic head designs will stab at the face when operating, especially when the forehead is located, the experience is very uncomfortable, and it will be easily scalded without paying attention to a certain position.

NOTIME has three modes to choose from in operation. The recommended time for each mode is 3 minutes. In the ultrasonic firming mode, it is a common effect of ultrasonic+RF radio frequency+red light. Essence Therefore, in this mode, you will feel a little current, but the current will not be particularly obvious.

The NFIP lifting mode is equivalent to the micro -current beauty instrument we commonly used. The outline of the surface of the ramen surface is used, but there will be obvious ticking sounds when used.

The tender white skin -rejuvenating mode is the common effect of ultrasonic+RF radio frequency+vibration+red light. The shock feeling in the tender white skin rejuvenation mode is very strong, so that there will be a feeling of the whole face of convulsions. In addition, the vibration in this mode will be The noise is very high, and the overall experience is very bad.

The overall experience of using Notime is complicated and similar. At the same time, the experience in each mode has a slot point, which is not very comfortable.

Therefore, overall, Hongguang Bloom's full face is still very attractive. It is easy to persist. Don't worry about buying ash when you buy it home. The experience design is also very intimate.

7. Use effect

Finally, the three amateur younger sisters announced the effect of use. Let's take a look at what changes have been changed after using the three beauty instruments in 3 days!

Let's take a look at the recently hot Notime. Miss No. 1's core trouble is the dark circles and the parts of the decree. The tattoo and the corner of the mouth were lifted to the ears. The whole journey was 9 minutes, and the three angels were used twice.

Let's take a look at the effect of Tripollar. Miss No. 2's core trouble is tear grooves, decree patterns, corners of the mouth, and facial edema. Tira, a total of 30 minutes! 3 Angels 2 times.

Finally, I announce the effect of Ya Meng's nursing effect. The core trouble of Miss 3 is the problem of decree, facial relaxation, and large pores. pull.

The three amateur younger sisters use the role of Yameng, Tripollar and NOTIME net red beauty instruments respectively. From the perspective of effects, the role of Yameng red light Bloom and Tripollar Stop is obvious. The degree of improvement, but the effect of notime is not so friendly.


After 72H, the results of the "frozen age muscle" development of the amateur

Fifth, amateur "frozen age muscle" development results are very open, Yameng red light Bloom comprehensive score first

Earlier, Ya Meng Hongguang BLOOM was hailed as the first medical beauty instrument in China that was involved in the report of clinical medical testing. The effect of use has also been endorsed by many dermatologists and Dr. Lilac. It is also good as it goes. And it is very suitable for the fast -paced life now. The whole face only takes 6 minutes. The dedicated moisturizing gel is very moist and not boring at all. First, I believe that Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss who continues to use Ya Meng Hongguang Bloom will also gain a more ideal effect.

Tripollar is also a representative of RF meter. After using Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Lady, it also brought a pleasant nursing effect. However, due to the long time of facial care, it is easy to cause hand acid. The design that must be used for plug -in to use has to be spoiled. After the comprehensive score, Tripollar ranks second with 81 points in this challenge.

NOTIME Tongyan Machine, as the cheap version of the RF beauty instrument of the recent fire, is popular all over the network, so we are also selected into the challenge of the "frozen age muscle" of the amateur, but whether the temperature obtained from our test or the actual experience is the actual experience. Effects and feelings are not ideal! So ranked third in the challenge results. At the same time, because notime has no relevant data report to prove the effect of its long -term use, we still have a more skeptical attitude towards NOTIME's beauty effect. It is recommended that young ladies and sisters who have anti -aging and anti -aging demand still try to choose the product proved products proved to the product as much as possible. Intersection