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Xu Zhi'an admits to a derailment and apologize. Do you think you can forgive it?

Today, singer#今天 今天 今天 ## was exposed to derailed Huang Xinying, and the kiss picture in the car was exposed. Some netizens turned out the past remarks of#有 出#. Du Qifeng once said: If Xu Zhian is not good for dry daughter Zheng Xiuwen, he chop Xu Zhian into eight pieces. It caused heated discussion among netizens for a while

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#### Xu Zhi'an postpone apologies#

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Xu Zhi'an acknowledged Huang Xinying (Ma Guoming's girlfriend) at the press conference and apologized to his wife Zheng Xiuwen. He admitted that he did drink a lot of wine that day, but drinking a lot of wine was the reason why he could not do something wrong. After the report, I felt embarrassed, and hoped to find a correct self, to be a person, and bluntly hoped that in the future, everyone who was hurt by themselves could be good. Therefore, as a public figure, if he wants to recover his reputation, and then continue to show his feet in the entertainment industry like Chen He, will you forgive and accept him?