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Giant Teddy riding deer was regarded as a "dog and horse", and at first glance, the owner was scared to scare the owner

<Daily of Tiger Wa and Tiger Niu> Giant Gui+Giant Molying Daily 63

One giant and the other giant noble can always wipe out different sparks.

Tiger and Hu Niu's small daily single picture version 63 times

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Today, I eat beef at home, and put the raw beef into a small bowl of hair in the hair. As a result, the goods are ignored directly ~

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Mao Shao with a disgusting face: Are you lazy to pick up shit?

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You still see if you pick up the shit, and quickly take out the cooked and cooked it. People do n’t like too much. They ca n’t bite too much.

Picking shit: Mao Shao, are you Virgo? I will show you what to eat today, whoever said that this will give you feed ~

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The big VIPs at home ride on the deer, and at first glance, they were scared to pick up shit, and thought it was a new species "dog and horse" ~

Image 488487

A naive big VIP: Do you see the new mounts of others?

People who eat melon said: This product must be Sagittarius ~

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Everyone knows that the giant tiger baby likes the beautiful sister most. Every time there is a beautiful sister who hugs to take pictures, she is happy.

Previously, there were wedding photography for Huwa as a model. He also used Huwa's shop as a place to take wedding photos. There were a lot of newcomers to host weddings in the store. This allowed Huwa to taste a lot of sweetness ~

Image 488559

Tigerwa who comes to the girl who does not refuse: the girls behind shooting a good team, you will come to you after shooting, don’t squeeze it ~

Picking shit: It's all the wives of others, what do you draw in Huwa ~

Tigerwa: You do n’t understand the shit. This feeling of hugging his wife is the coolest ~

Giant Gui is definitely not as simple as a giant poodle.

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