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There are "aging" for Oshi Mountain aged wine? Niulan Mountain is suspected of misleading consumers, and is in a crisis

Some wine friends said to me some time ago that he is a liquor and likes to drink white wine, but his spending power is relatively low, so he usually chooses low -end brand wines such as Niulan Mountain Erguotou. Talking to me again, Niulan Mountain has recently fell into a little trouble, saying that it was the "42 -degree aging liquor" in Niulan Mountain was suspected of misleading consumers.

As a member of the sauce wine industry, I don't actually know the situation of other incense types, especially low -end wine. But listening to him, I felt curious, Niulan Mountain, well -known, how could they be suspected of deceiving consumers, so I searched the relevant news on the Internet, organized it, and share it with everyone because I am because I am because I am because I am because I am because I am because I am because I am because I I believe there may be many people who eat melon, as I may have not heard of this news.

Some time ago, the Food and Drug Administration of Beijing Shunyi District Food and Drug Administration filed a case for investigation of Beijing Shunxin Agricultural Co., Ltd. Niulan Shanwan Winery, because consumers questioned the factory's "Niulangshan Chen Chen Baijiu" But pretending to be aged pure grain solid liquor.

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What is aging wine?

People in the wine industry believe that "aging" is a necessary production process in the production process of solid -state liquor; in the liquor brewing industry in my country, only the "aging" process, liquid and solid fluid method in solid -state liquor, liquid method There is no "aging" process in the production process of liquor.

I simply explain that solid -state liquor is based on grain as raw materials, distilled by fermentation, and aged and blended. The aging time is half a year, one year, and not waiting for a few years.

The liquid liquid liquor simply illustrates that the edible alcohol and fragrance are blended.

The solid liquid method refers to the use of solid -state liquor (not allowed to be lower than 30%of the total amount of wine) and liquid liquid liquor.

According to the "Advertising Law" and "National Baijiu Industry Pure Grain Solid Fermental White Wine Industry Specifications", liquor produced by solid -state method can be said to be "aged" liquor.

And this "Niulu Mountain 42 -degree aging wine" was suspected of misleading consumers because of the marking the word "stalemate". In fact, the wine did not go through any aging. Some people may think that the reporter is a bit intentionally found. The brand of Niulu Mountain has won the hearts of the people, and people will not mind whether he is aged. After all, more than 10 pieces of wine cannot be required.

However, I think the word "aging" is still quite misleading for people who do not know Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Lao Mountain. After all, if I don’t understand wine, I will definitely think that the aged wine is definitely good for aging. liquor. So on the wine at the same price, I will definitely bid to the wine marked with the aged wine.

In addition to Niulan Mountain itself falls into the fake aging aging liquor, it is also embarrassed to be faked. According to the reporter of the Huaxia Times, since 2017, the regulatory authorities across the country have investigated and dealt with more than 32,434 bottles of fake "Niulan Mountain", mostly the light bottle aged liquor series, with more than 400,000 yuan involved. Line cities and counties and towns.

The original brewing cost of genuine Niulan Mountain is low, and the fake Niulan Mountain is more likely to make people unclear. Niulan Mountain can be said to be the hardest hit area for counterfeit wine. To be exaggerated, some people may have drank Niulu Mountain for a few years.

Although this Niulan Mountain 42 -degree aging wine is composed of edible alcohol, edible alcohol wine is in line with the National Food Safety Law, and it is also a new process liquor. It is not a big deal for the body. Some people also know that it is hooked by alcohol, but its victory is cheap, and usually drink some alcohol addiction.

For those who drink for a long time, if possible, it is still recommended to use pure grain and wine as ration wine. And sauce wine is well known to be full of fraud and high cost. Because the main fragrance of sauce wine can not even analyze scientists, more than 300 aromatics, which cannot be copied by any kind of flavors.

Drinking is a long -term thing. Wine is something that drinks into the body. You can't ignore this health problem because of money.

Everyone knows that some expensive brand wines are pure grains, such as Moutai, Wuliangye, etc., but after all, because the brand and other things are there, this price is naturally not low. It is impossible for ordinary people as ordinary people.

I believe that the cost -effective and high -priced pure food and wine, I believe it is also expected. There is not only a sauce wine that can make pure grains in Moutai town. Everyone understands this reason, but the reliable winery, the channels, are not only introduced by relatives and friends. After reading this article, the wine friends learned a little knowledge and felt that I could recommend a little good wine.

To meet the wine clubs, the meeting is fate. Thank you for reading, my friend. Ingenuity brewing traditional pure grain Moutai town sauce wine

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