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Roscomnadzor Blocks Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange in Russia

Russian agency adds to list of prohibited websites

Roscomnadzor Blocks Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange in Russia

Roscomnadzor, the Russian media and information monitoring agency, has reportedly blocked access to the popular cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. On June 2, the official website of Binance, "," was added to the list of prohibited websites by Roscomnadzor. However, access to the site has not yet been restricted. Binance has confirmed this information on its Russian Telegram channel.

Binance reassured users that their funds are safe and people within Russia can still access the exchange's official website without the need for VPNs or other tools. The reason for blocking the site was apparently due to its dissemination of information on "how to purchase cryptocurrencies."

According to Binance executives, they had not received any relevant information from law enforcement agencies, civil departments, or courts prior to the notification from Roskomnadzor. Russia recently passed the Digital Financial Assets Act in July, which provides a clear legal definition of cryptocurrency but still prohibits its use as a payment method.

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