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Zhou Xingchi rode a bicycle on the street 25 years ago. He was irritable, and Zhu Yin smiled sweetly in the back seat

When I first watched "Journey to the West", I really felt that Zhou Xingchi and Zhu Yin were very good. Zhou Xingchi had both acting talents. Although Zhu Yin was dark skin, his face value was really big beauty.

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But like the feelings of Supreme Bao and Zixia Fairy in the movie, the feelings of the two people ended in regret.

Later, Zhu Yin married Huang Guanzhong, and Zhou Xingchi was still single now.

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Until now, there are still people who said that Zhu Yin and Zhou Xingchi were in love with the third place, and the girlfriend before Zhou Xingchi was Luo Huijuan. It can be said that the personality is very virtuous and it is quite suitable for his wife.

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At that time, Zhou Xingchi had an old photo, and it also caused netizens to speculate.

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As for this photo of Zhou Xingchi riding a bicycle, many people said that Zhou Xingchi was carrying Lan Jieying at the time, and also said that Lan Jieying personally acknowledged that he was herself.

But at that time, Zhou Xingchi filmed "Journey to the West" in Dunhuang. If you count the timeline, how can it be Zhu Yin? Liu Zhenwei also interviewed and said that at that time, Zhou Xingchi often rode a bicycle to take Zhu Yin to the set.

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Seeing the front photos of this photo showing this photo, the sitting behind was Zhu Yin, not Lan Jieying who had said earlier. It was also confirmed that at that time, Zhu Yin and Zhou Xingchi were indeed a period of love.

Although the photo is very vague, the sweetness on Zhu Yin's face can feel, and Zhou Xingchi can't find the irritability of the road.

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But then the two people who had a talented woman at that time were unsightly. How sweet when the two are in love, how ugly it is to break up.

Zhu Yin publicly stated that Zhou Xingchi was a scumbag, and he did not forgive him, while Zhou Xingchi never responded positively.

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In fact, Zhou Xingchi is a scumbag, and it is really reasonable. Zhou Xingchi has always been a heart -minded person.

A relationship with Mo Wenwei then had no results.

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Looking at the current Zhu Yin, I occasionally come out to make a movie. I feel that her life is very happy now.

Women are unhappy and can really see from their faces.

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Now Zhu Yin, in addition to a little wrinkles on his face, whether it is face or temperament, it looks like 20 years ago.

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And now Xingye is really too fast. If you look at the overall value, it is really the same as Zhu Yin.

In the past few years, Xingye has not been idle. The movie has been filmed, and he has also held Lin Yun's newcomer. But his popularity is getting worse and worse, and his old partner is overwhelming, and no one in the circle is his friends.

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Netizens said that when Zhou Xingchi had worked with so many beautiful women when he was young, he was old and sighed. Zhou Xingchi himself is also interviewing and saying that he is now afraid of talking about his age.

Now seeing Zhou Xingchi and Zhu Yin's old photos, I can only say that I have loved, but there is no good result.

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