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The precious tidbits of Journey to the West: Zixia Supreme Bao's wedding dress is beautiful, Wu Mengda's studio is more happy ~

My intention is a world hero. One day he will wear golden armor and a colorful clouds to marry me.

"Journey to the West" was replaced, and it was still a longer version.

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"Journey to the West" was released in 1995. More than 20 years have passed. This seemingly cosmetic movie has become a classic of Zhou Xingchi movies and even the entire Hong Kong film.

My sister believes that our generation will use the classic lines in "Journey to the West" as a personality signature of QQ space.

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Some time ago, Zhu Yin and Cai Shaofen on "Ace to Ace" once again evoked people's feelings for "Journey to the West" and even Xingye's early films.
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Zhu Yin reproduced the classic shot in the show: pulling the little donkey, grinning, and the same shape, the same lines made countless people cry instantly.

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After a lapse of 23 years, she dressed as Zixia Fairy, and Zhu Yin was still beautiful. The people who have treated the beauty of the years are particularly gentle. More than 20 years have passed, and Zhu Yin has become more gentle and more women's taste.

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When my sister remembers the first time I watched "Journey to the West", Zhu Yin blinked and her heart was melted. How could there be such a cute girl.

Going to the theater to revisit "Journey to the West" will still be given by Zhu Yin's smile, and her classic action will never forget.

Recently, my sister saw a group of behind -the -scenes photos of "Journey to the West", Zhou Xingchi and Zhu Yin. At that time, they were still couples. My sister has always felt that Zixia's big wedding suit is so beautiful ~

Bai Jingjing played by Mo Wenwei took a photo with Supreme Bao, and Supreme Bao's eyes were so cute ~

Some people say that Zhou Xingchi splits Mo Wenwei when she was filming "Journey to the West". In fact, no one knows, but these things have passed.

Someone will always associate Zhou Xingchi and Zhu Yin together. The younger sister feels that the previous things are better to forget him to forget the rivers and lakes.

Zhu Yin himself also said in the show, "If you see yourself more and more beautiful when you look at the mirror, you are looking for the right person!" You can see that Zhu Yin and Huang Guanzhong are really looking for the right person together.

This is Zhou Xingchi's bicycle while taking a bicycle with a girl, but who is the back seat so far

Zhou Xingchi Liu Zhenwei, the old friend of his old friend wearing costumes, now seems to be full of memories.

Although Zhou Xingchi and Mo Wenwei and Zhu Yin have a relationship that keeps rational and chaotic, Director Liu Zhenwei and their relationship is still very good ~

Wu Mengda, who once brought us a lot of laughter ~

Do you remember who these three characters are? Two bandits bare bandits are used to deal with spider essence and bone essence with the invisible clothes of Bodhi ancestors. That plot really makes people laugh once, the crotch is on fire, do you remember the plot of everyone on the fire?

This should be the drama of Zhou Xingchi's wedding, and wearing big red flowers and military coats.

This show should be tied by Zixia by the cattle demon king. Supreme Bao went to save her. Zhou Xingchi wore a big wedding costume with a "monster" photo.

Zhou Xingchi was holding an entertainment magazine to look at it. The shape on his head was very eye -catching. Seeing such precious old photos, he really lamented the time. Today, Xingye is also a career, and has achieved a lot of high box office movies.

To this day, "Journey to the West" seems to have become a feeling, so "owing Zhou Xingchi a movie ticket" is always repeatedly described, and the audience seems to owe a ticket to the "feelings" movies. We owed a buttocks overnight.

In my opinion, watching movies is a very personal thing. Not every audience who buys tickets to watch the show wants to penetrate the philosophy of life. Extremely feel.

However, I still suggest that you don't miss it. "Journey to the West" is an interesting movie. Who has no dream of heroes?

I wish you a happy watching ~