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What's the matter with Husky bites? Listen to what the Great God says!

Recently, some netizens @近 近 近 近 Post post: I said that their dogs bite their fingers. I do n’t know what to do. How can the dogs teach to become a baby. Xiaobian was fortunate to find a senior Husky shovel official in Xi'an Husky exchanges and listen to what God said.

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In fact, there are many reasons for Husky to bite people, but there are two reasons for sum -up: first, active attack; second, accidental injury.

The active attack is that when the dog sees strangers or feels like others threatened their safety, they will attack. I misunderstand that the dog usually thinks that I am playing with people, but I did not master the problem of the feeding method of the owner or the owner, which caused the dog's mistake to the owner.

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In fact, no matter what reason the dog bites others, the dog is actually more cramped and uneasy than others. Generally manifested as the awakening of territory consciousness or mental sluggish. The previous performance is okay. As long as you stop provoking the dog, the dog will still be your good baby after a while; in case the dog's spirit is sluggish, then the problem will be serious.

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Dogs will be even more sleepy. Therefore, once the dog becomes like this, if you are a dog -loving person, you must accompany the dog more and "communicate" with the dog. Let the dog come out of the fear of biting people. Otherwise, this dog will really be abolished.

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So after the dog bites people, you must not hit the dog, just apply the right medicine. The consciousness of the territory is awakened, then you should not provoke it again, don't scold it to hit it, take a cold treatment method, just ignore it in the cage; otherwise, you must accompany the dog more.

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Also, although the dog has the chance of rabies after biting people, there is no need to panic. Rinse the wound with hydrogen peroxide as soon as possible, and immediately go to the hospital for treatment. Under normal circumstances, the probability of healthy Husky with rabies virus is also small.

There is also a possibility that dogs bite people, that is, the dog has reached the molar period, and the shoveling officer can buy something that can wear teeth for the dog. So there are so many, and I would like to communicate with me about Husky development skills. Thanks!