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The mortality rate is 100%! Can not be treated, only prevent! This fatal threat is by your side

Dogs are human friends, but sometimes they become the fatal "enemy" of human beings!

Not long ago, there was a distressed and angry injury incident in Wuchang. The protagonist of the injured person was two pet dogs with no rope!

Grandma and aunt brought Rui Rui (a pseudonym) to the bench in the community, and suddenly rushed out two big dogs to take Rui Rui from more than 6 months. In the end, Rui Rui's left earlobe was bitten by a dog, and her face and body were bitten in multiple places. Rui Rui's grandma and aunt were bitten by the dog to rescue Rui Rui.

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Another bloody dog hurts people! Those who walk dogs without rope, do you know how serious the consequences will be? Intersection

The rabies are not cured, and you can only prevent it if you want to live!

No rule of law!

The rabies virus has neurosis. Once the onset of the disease, the condition worsens very quickly. And rabies do not have effective drugs and medical methods for treatment. Most people die within 3-5 days after the onset of illness, and the mortality rate is almost 100%!

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There is no symptoms during the incubation period, nor can it be detected!

That's right, rabies also have a latent period, usually 20-90 days, very few more than 1 year. The terrible thing is that the incubation period of rabies does not have any symptoms and no effective check. Only after symptoms (afraid of water, wind, light, sound, sound, etc.) can be diagnosed through saliva, serum, etc.

However, when symptoms occur, the virus has also been declared that the virus has invaded the spinal cord and the brain, and it has begun to destroy the central nervous system. It is not far from death at this moment!

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Therefore, being bitten by a dog is not only painful, but also really terrible! If you are bitten by a dog, don't deal with ink, hurry up!

Remember these processing methods,Can help!

Usually, it is not a big deal with the daily contact with cats and dogs (such as feeding, touching, bathing, bathing, cleaning excrement, etc.). Prepare to wash your hands in time afterwards.

But if you have wounds, skin damage to the cats, dogs, and dogs, or your contact with cats and dogs will cause damage to the body, you must take necessary treatment measures!

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1. Bare skin is bitten; slightly bleeding slightly scratch or abrasion:

This is the II -level exposure of the moderate risk of rabies. Don't think that if there is no bleeding after being bitten, there is no problem, but the rabies virus is transmitted through nerve! So once you have the above contact with animals such as cats and dogs, please deal with the wound immediately!

Step 1: Rinse the wound. The rabies virus is inherently afraid of "alkali", using soapy water (or other weak alkaline cleaning agents) and a certain pressure of flowing water to clean the wound for at least 20 minutes.

Step 2: Disinfection. After thoroughly washed, the wound was completely disinfected with iodophor, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Step 3: Inoculation of rabies vaccine.

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2. Damage to the skin; open wounds or mucous membranes are licked; head, face, neck, hand, and external genitals are bitten; contact with bats:

This is a rabies III exposure, and the risk of infection with rabies virus is very high! In addition to rinse the wound immediately, disinfection, and in vaccination of rabies vaccine. The World Health Organization also suggested that III -level exposureers in addition to injection of rabies and passive immune preparations (anti -rabiesemia/human rabies immunoglobulin) around the wound.

Different from rabies vaccine, rabies passive immune preparations can immediately provide neutral and virus antibodies. Neutralizing wounds may remain in the internal virus, preventing the virus from entering nerve tissue to obtain a rapid protection.

Regarding rabies, you need to know these problems!

1. Is it only a dog infected with rabies?

Rabies are acute infectious diseases caused by rabies virus. Mammals such as dogs, cats, wolves, foxes, bats may infected and spread rabies virus. It was only because of the earliest discovery of dogs, and more than 90%of human rabies were caused by dogs bitten by dogs.

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2. I had a rabies vaccine a few years ago, and now I was bitten again. Do I still need to fight again?

If the last vaccination (immunization) does not take more than half a year, no vaccine is needed;

If it is more than half a year and less than a year, a needle (2 stitches) vaccines should be taken each day and the third day on the day of being bitten;

If it is more than one year and less than three years, a needle (3 stitches) vaccines should be taken on the day of the biting day and the third and seventh days;

If it is more than three years, the vaccine should be re -vaccinated throughout the process.

3. Can pregnant women and babies be a rabies vaccine?

Can! Rabies vaccine is no taboos. Except for people who are allergic to vaccines, adults and children can fight.

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4. Is there any taboo after vaccination of rabies?

There are taboos after vaccination in the domestic rabies vaccine instructions, "avoiding irritating foods such as drinking, strong tea and other irritating foods and strenuous exercise."

5. To prevent children being bitten by dogs, what should we teach them?

Don't reach out directly to touch the strange dog;

Don't approach the dog from the front of the dog;

Don't stare at the dog directly with your eyes;

Remember to leave slowly and don't escape.

While teaching children to prevent being bitten by dogs, we once again call on everyone to raise dogs civilized! Walk the dog! Don't always make safety hazards everywhere under the banner of "my dog's temper is warm and not bite". The dog is tame again, and there is also the instinct of "fluttering"! Besides, you are not a dog, how do you know what the dog is thinking? What will I do next second?

Do you and dogs have similar unpleasant experiences? What was the situation at the time? Or what do you think of the frequent dog biting incident? Let's talk about the message area ~