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Venezuelan Government Opens Free Cryptocurrency School

Training Center Teaches How to Buy, Sell, and Mine Cryptocurrencies, Including Petro

Venezuelan government opens school to teach cryptocurrencies

The Venezuelan government has opened a school in the capital city to teach citizens how to buy, sell, and mine cryptocurrencies, including the national cryptocurrency Petro. In addition, President Nicolas Maduro has approved the establishment of mining farms in universities throughout the country.


The training center for cryptocurrencies in Caracas is free to all Venezuelan citizens and includes lessons on Petro. The teacher responsible for teaching cryptocurrency trading, Carmen Salvador, emphasized that the courses are entirely free, while internationally, similar courses can cost $500 to $800.


The school has mining equipment, including ASIC and PeriCoin machines, with Salvador indicating that they have been mining for almost 15 days. The mining laboratory has all the necessary equipment to mine any cryptocurrency on this planet.


Pedro Infante, Venezuela's Minister of Youth and Sports, said that all Venezuelan youth could train in anything related to cryptocurrency, especially Petro. Petro officially began its pre-sale on February 20, with President Maduro claiming to have raised $1 billion in the first two days. However, many people doubt Petro's reliability since the current Maduro government does not have complete control over the country's oil drilling businesses.


Maduro Announces Plans to Launch Second Government-Issued Cryptocurrency, Petro Gold

Maduro recently announced his plans to launch a second government-issued cryptocurrency named Petro Gold, allegedly backed by the country's precious metals.

Petro gold coin Petro gold coin

Prior to announcing the cryptocurrency training school, Maduro repeatedly expressed his desire for Venezuelan universities to establish mining centers.

Mining center Mining center

According to University Education, Science, and Technology Minister Hugbel Roa, the president has recently approved the installation of student mining centers in domestic universities. He said:

"We call on all technical entrepreneurs to fund the operation of this activity through Petro, so that every school can obtain the necessary technology. Use mining as a resource to break the rentier model and strengthen Venezuela's economy."

Venezuela Petro Venezuela Petro

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