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Create a natural water light musc

Modern life pressure is high, and the impact of various external factors makes us dull and rough, and fine dry patterns appear around the forehead, corners of the eyes, and nose. As we all know, if you want to make your skin younger, hydrating is the key. In order to replenish the skin, many consumers spend a lot of money, buy more than 100 yuan a piece of mask, and go to the medical institution to inject water and light needles ... In fact, compared with the injection beauty project, Ai Yanjia's innovative version of the superconducting water light instrument This type of non -invasive import instrument can replace microneedic micro -crystal import equipment. Without bleeding or broken skin, no repair period, more suitable for consumers.

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Breaking the old restrictions on this water light instrument is different

Xiaomin, 27, lives in Shanghai and ran between high -rise buildings every day. The money she spent every month on skin care is above a thousand yuan, and she uses a line of big names. "I am moisturizing the facial skin every day, but the effect is relatively limited. I started trying medical cosmetology two years ago. Water and light injection is a project I often buy. Beauty artists use combined microneedles and negative pressure to use the principle of combination Injusted into the human skin, the effect is immediate. That is, every time the project is done, the skin will receive some injuries to have a recovery period. If there is a more convenient and safer instrument in the market. Recently, the beautician gives me to me Recommended Ai Yanjia's innovative version of the superconducting Shuiguang instrument. According to reports, this is an innovative version of the shallow instrument. There is no dragging wires, and it can be imported. It is great! "

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Ai Yanjia's innovative version of superconducting Shuiguangyi is really so amazing? Really!

The traditional hydraulic instrument uses nano -microcothetics to break through the stratum corneum and transport the essence directly to the leather cells on the bottom of the muscle, which will create a lot of small wounds on the surface of the skin. With the development of science and technology, the new generation of DEP superconducting water light instruments replaced the needle water light instrument. The DEP superconducting Shuiguang instrument uses a non -invasive electronic skin penetration system, which can instead of micro -crystal imported equipment. Potless penetration into the dermis layer without bleeding and leather, no repair period. Ai Yanjia's innovative version of the superconducting Shuiguang instrument is further upgraded on the basis of the DEP superconducting Shuiguang instrument. It not only supports wireless use, but also installs two handles on the import instrument. Let the nutrients directly affect the dermis layer of the skin and achieve long -term hydration.

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Big brands have guaranteed Ai Yanjia's strength to endorse the strength

Because of the differences in the technology research and development of manufacturers of beauty instruments, the quality of the products produced is naturally different. Consumers can not buy and use beauty instruments for beauty. They must pick a big brand.

Established in 2010, Ai Yanjia Group has more than 10,000 square meters of production workshops and advanced production equipment. It is a company focusing on the development, production and sales of medical beauty and beauty hair. Regions, in developed regions such as North America, Europe, Oceania. With the help of Ai Yanjia's innovative version of the superconducting Shuiguang instrument, the skin of countless users has glowed with youth.