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One Piece Chapter 1053: Sauron took the position of the deputy captain with a reward of 1.4 billion, and the green cattle took Robin


One Piece Chapter 1053: Sauron took the position of the deputy captain with a reward of 1.4 billion, and the green cattle took Robin

The intelligence of One Piece 1053 is updated. This issue is mainly about the reward. The amount of this reward determines the identity and ability of the player, and the information of this issue will shock us. More importantly, the information about the revolutionary army Saab, about the information of red hair and eagle eyes, Oda seems to be planning to call everyone before the game ended, which is also normal.

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Now, the wanted straw hat group has changed again. Luffy has appeared on the throne of the Four Emperors at a price of 3.6 billion. This Luffy is also famous. After all People are speechless, first three disasters, and then Kaido, one person hit the hundred beast group down. The most interesting thing for us is Sauron and Sanji, which is called the "straw hat" team. Their reward amount will definitely not be small, Sauron 1.4 billion, Sanji 1.3 billion, Sauron's strength, Sauron's strength, the strength of Sauron, the strength of Sauron. It has surpassed Sanji.

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At the beginning of the fragrant land, Shanzhi found Sauron. He proudly said that my reward was higher than you, which made Sauron unhappy because Sauron once pressed Sanji and Sauron Later, I finally saw hope, which also proved that Sauron's reward is enough, and his deputy has not been selected, but Oda told him indirectly that Sauron is the deputy head of the regiment, unless his rewards Bonda is higher, otherwise, the position of this deputy is Sauron.

In addition, while Luffy and others are happy for their bounty, some people are staring at them on the top of their heads. The person is the green cow. Since the green cattle comes to peace, it is naturally impossible to return empty -handed. It is not the order of the red dog, but the green cattle must have obtained the secret order of the five elders. If he wants to go to the country of peace, the purpose is to catch Robin. Green cow.

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And the green cattle has Robin's life card. According to the information, the green cattle came from Saab, and Robin and Inu Lan also watched the historical text in the sky. Robin took it away, but Luffy did not know that if Robin was captured by the green cow, a world war would be staged in the Holy Land. Can you deal with it.

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